Over doing the martial arts.

As far as tv and movies go, every cop, detective, spy, etc is Jason Bourne or Nikita.

Charlies Angels don't do kung fu
Mission Impossible don't do kung fu

Seems like more characters than I can remember are being redone as the best of the best.

Next thing you know, Someone will do I Love Kung Fu Lucy, Karate Columbo, or Taekwondo Taxi

edit. It just occurs to me that I might have made a similar post in the past. Darn senility

How about I Love Kung Fu Lucy Liu:

I'd watch.

I wondered who would be the first to come up with that :slight_smile:

Kinda just rolls off the tongue, eh?

There are plenty of worse shows on the air these days . . . you should type up the idea and pitch it to Netflix!

When I was younger I didn't mind over doing the marital arts.