Over confidence will lead to a loss against Winnipeg.

Yep, I predict that the Riders will lose two to the Bombers. The riders just completed two exhibition like games against those hapless TiCats and are due to fall when the face a team that actually has some talent.

The CFL has to be totally embarassed with the way the Hamilton TiCat franchise is being displayed this year. Does not bode well for the TiCats or the CFL. Look for lower viewer numbers and lower fan attendence numbers in the future. All football fans want to see a competitive game.


Does anyone know why Danny Barret was calling all those onside kicks when his team had blown out the oppositioin?

Yeah ........ its because Congi isnt so good with the kickoffs either. If it were a sandlot game we'd just get him to throw the ball as far as he can ....... you know .... just like when we were 8. All kidding aside, its time to get a punter/kickoff guy in town now. remember, Dave Ridgeway didnt punt either.

Those Hapless Ticats who beat the Bombers this year? :lol:

Beat the bombers with no kevin glenn and no milt stegall?

I agree! The riders would have to have won with easily with say their third string QB, and maybe a cluthc reciever like richards out too!

oh wait they did!

seriously thoughthe bombers are going to be way different than the ticats. they have a running game and with stegall back they will have a deep threat if Glenn can get him the ball.

with that said i still see a convincing win by the riders.

i see a convincing win for the boys in big blue :rockin:

I see a convincing... two games show up and play the game. I dont' think the riders will be overconfident at all, they know they played a weaker team, and danny won't let them get their noses high in the air. Also they will remember that we are only 5-5, no real hell of a record, and we beat a 2-8 team (i think) soo yea, 5-5 isn't great so therefore we arne't a great team at all yet, (well i think we are but it hasn't been proven yet!) and so whatever. I dont' think either team will be overconfident but it'll be a good game as labour day always is!

I don't think the Riders will be overconfident, but rather have the confidence needed for execution and for winning.

I see you convincingly kissing my A$$ when you lose!!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but who have Winnipeg's wins come against? Hamilton, Toronto (2) Edmonton, and ? Last time I checked, these were the three worst teams in the league. I guess that's why Winnipeg is so poor... against teams with some talent...!

da....that reasoning never works, you mean the same Argos and Stamps who beat the Als, or the Ticats who beat the Stamps......anything can happen this year.

Agree Piggy :thup:

u damn rider fans dissing the bombers, u guys would be nobodies without that dispersal draft… but in all fairness to the riders, they are decent and itll be a damn good game. 2 5-5 teams duking it out. May the best team win…

Look who Winnipeg got from the dispersal draft...most of their offensive line, and a few bodies on defense. Winnipeg wouldn't be 5-5 without those ex Renegades!

ya but they had Mass who is twice the QB Glenn is!! :wink: and Vaughn is not bad as a reciever to :stuck_out_tongue:

the bombers got hebert on defense. Only guy he was a free agent... Ok so 2 OLs, they wouldve done fine w/o. Ok well all we can do now is watch the games begin.

No!!! the bomber OL was in shambles and the addition of the renegade O lineman (who were Canadian) helped improve their stock. No team can have too many quality Canadian O lineman!


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I think your Crystal Ball is broke.. and yes we beat you with Schmegal & Glenn