Over confidence and poor execution

The cats looked like they were having fun tonight, smiles and not looking too serious. They had some serious flaws with execution and that cost them the game. The third down fake punt was a gamble which should have worked barring a miscatch. In some sense i wonder if it was the right area of the field to call it? The blocked convert cost us the game. Give Argos credit. They hung in there. As good as the cats think they are, the bottom line is they are still only a 500 team and have lost to the Argos twice. We have some tough games coming up in the future. They better execute better. The defense was pretty solid tonight. All in all , an entertaining game, but sure would have like the "w".

An entertaining game? Not by a long shot.

An entertaining last few minutes, yes.

We had the W about 15x tonight but we kept shooing it away time after time. Now the cats have a week to wallow in this crap and get back to work. They better play better if they don't wanna get booed off the field next week.

Marcel coached tonight like this was an exibition game.

They had lots of chances to put away the opponent the last 3 games now, but instead are 1-2.

They're a long away from being booed though as 5-5 is alot better than most expected I think.

next up: Calagry and then Montreal

Not his fault when the players just wont do what he says. He says throw a quick under route to Bruce so Glenn overthrows him by a mile. He says Bruce pitch it to Cobb, Bruce listens but throws it well Cobb is being held back and is forced to take a 20 yard loss on what could've been a 15-20 yard gain. The list goes on.

the Off definately looked too relaxed. Poor execution on the gadget plays. Possibly CHML Samparin tipped them off as he talked about the Bruce lateral this afternoon. Our punt return was awful, not sure if it was a blocking issue or we need a new returner.

ABSOLUTELY AGREE, Over Confidence and Poor Execution, we had the Argo's on the Ropes in this game if we had kept the game in perspective we could have won just by playing good solid football, never mind this crap of special team passes and pitch backs that don't work, that Bruce to Cobb play was ugly from the beginning.

Our Cats came out to play this game....like they already had the 2 points for the game.
Over confidence......BIG TIME.
The Argo's were ripe for the picking.......
And the Cats got stomped.


Actually, neither team seemed to want the win. Both teams kept handing the game, gift wrapped to their opponent only to have it handed back to them. For the most part, it was a pretty boring, badly played game. Neither team should be proud of that one.

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