Over Achievers / Under Achievers.

Yeah, It's only 4 weeks in. Are there any teams that have been a surprise to you?

Over Achievers.:Ottawa. Beat Montreal and Calgary. Kept the game close with BC. With the way they lost players in the off season this has been a big (Pleasant) surprise.

Under Achievers: Calgary, Better Coach, Better QB, Copeland. The offense has been a major disappointment.

Honourable mention.: Hamilton 0-3...Whats with that?

What does everyone else think? Who are your over achievers, and under achievers?

Okay, here's an interesting little piece of information for all those folks who think Hamilton is not as good this year as they were last year:

Hamilton's opponents so far: Montreal, Saskatchewan, and Saskatchewan.

Hamilton's 2004 record versus Montreal: 0-2
Hamilton's 2004 record versus Saskatchewan: 0-2

Hamilton's 2005 record versus Montreal: 0-1
Hamilton's 2005 record versus Saskatchewan: 0-2

So they haven't beaten the Riders or the Als, but who cares? They didn't last year either, and still managed 9 wins and a tie, the fourth best record in the league.

You can't compare the record of a team that's played only Saskatchewan twice and Montreal once against those teams that have played Ottawa once and Winnipeg twice.

There's still plenty of football to be played.

It's okay to believe BigDave. But there are a few things that played in Hamilton favour last year that are no longer there:

  • The team came out of a 1-17 season and players would have rather die on the field than get humiliated this way again. This year, they definately don't play like they are willing to die. They hardly seem willing to sweat.

  • New coach. A team that gets a new coach always push it some more so they can show their previous woes we're the coach's fault and not theirs. A second year coach doesn't have that magic.

  • Joe Montford.

  • Tim Cheatwood.

  • Ottawa's situation was so fragile both on and off the field that the Renegades never were threatening. The other three eastern teams just knew they'd get in the playoffs. This year, Ottawa will play "catch me in you can" in the standings.

  • Greg Marshall kept expressing his trust in Dany McManus. A general on the field must be showned such confidence. This year, it seems like Marshall wants Danny Mac out of there, but just doesn't know if his back-up could do any better.

Anyways, good luck.

Underachievers : Argos running game, Hamilton offence,
Overachievers : Every teams special teams

Hon. mention : Ottawa Renegades ; they show a little of both every week

overachievers: the bombers D is smokin but they can't win a game because of no offence.

underachievers: stampeders and Burris :frowning:

Overachievers: Jason Tucker, He's Playing Amazingly So Far. Ottawa (Obviously)

Underachievers: Edmonton, I Don't Know What Happend On Saterday, But It Wasn't Football. Calgary, Very Disapointing Start For The Amount Of Talent.

Jason Tucker? Are you kidding me? He is running a distant third behind Hervey and Mitchell and already has several dropped balls that have hurt us. Tucker is definitely underachieving. Edmonton is still 3-1 in the standings despite a horrible game against Winnepeg. Not quite sure if you want to call that underachieving. I suppose it is if you were convinced they were going to bury the Bombers.

Kman7 wrote that every teams special teams are overachieving. Edmonton got killed by Landry and have just now started to get some sort of a return game. Saskatchewan's kicking game has struggled. Again, cannot see how these special teams are overachieving.

Underachievers at this point has to go to the Calgary offense and Paul McCallum. Overachievers are the Ottawa Renegades and Corey Holmes. Don't get me wrong, he's a good back but he has started the season on fire and not sure if he can maintain the pace he's on.


I hear ya supertoe. The coverages have not been the greatest, true, but the class of returners there is this year is amazing. I am not an Alouette fan, but seeing Landry, who is smaller than my grandmother, return two in one game was awesome. Special teams is the deciding factor in games in this league. Corey Holmes, Bashir Levingston, Jason Armstead, are other awesome returners. I also am totally impressed with young John Ryan in Winnipeg, outkicking everyone. It is exciting watching special teams in this league.

i just want to thank kman for not including stokes in your list of awesome returners. maybe people are finally seeing the light.

Listen people, Ottawa is not overachieving dick-all. They are finally playing at their potential.
At least this year when we loose an O-lineman to injuries, we have guys that can fill in. Same with the D-line (I smell a bit of Capital Punishment here). Our Secondary is playing awesome. Josh Ranek is unbelievable. Jason Kralt is the most under rated LB in the League. Jason Armstead, Bobby Curtola ( sorry couldn't resist), YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Murphy........and wait 'til Kerry Joseph gets hot. You can see that this team has more confidence and that the guys are a tight knit bunch.
I've seen a lot of Ottawa teams over the years, and I can tell you I see a lot of good things to come. This team is reminescent of 1981.

So, I don't think you guys are giving our team any respect when you call us overachievers.
Now if we can just get some ASSES in the seats.

We Want A 10th Cup!!!

Come over here and get some Capital Punishment Sucka!

blackdale, I just tossed out a few names of returners, there are others, those were just examples. Stokes is a dark horse, I am not too sure if he is a game breaker.

he is a game breaker. i blame him for multiple bomber losses.

......c'mon, how can you guys say the stampeders are underachievers?!......99.9% of you put them to finish 4th in the west and that's where they currently are......... :smiley: ........

i would say your defence is underacheiving. the offense i was never too worried about.

Other way around...Calgary's offense is UNDER achieving. Their defense has been mostly all right.

For me, the MTL loss against Ottawa certainly was the most underachieving thing I've seen. That and those kickers who keep missing.

Over: Winnipeg’s D

Under: Hamilton

Actually, all in all, everyone is where I expected them to be this year. Way to go Supersmith!

Was it just me or did Ottawa get no respect from CBC on Saturday? It was always Burris this, Calgary that! It's that Toronto centric CBC again! Oh BTW, Leafs suck! Now that hockey's back, I might as well declare my allegiance to the Sens too! I'm a real homer alright! Go Ottawa Go! Capital Punishment! Go Gades Go! Go Sens Go!

I would agree that it's Calgary's offence that gets them listed as underachievers. That's why I put them there. I expected to see much more production at the start of the season. Instead they have looked more like they are in a mid season slump.


[quote="supersmith"]Listen people, Ottawa is not overachieving dick-all. They are finally playing at their potential.
So, I don't think you guys are giving our team any respect when you call us overachievers. Now if we can just get some ASSES in the seats.

Right On !!! Supersmith and I have been saying this all along ! The Renegades are finally starting to show their true potential as a team. Last year, would've been the same had they not been injured. They are NOT over-achieving, they are actually achieving what they should've been achieving last year. GO OTTAWA GO !!!!! Long overdue.