Over 50,000 sold

CJAD radio, the voice of the Als just announced that Platinum and Gold tickets are sold out for the Grey Cup! That puts the total at over 50,000 for the game!

10,000 Montreal fans, and the rest are Lions and Rider fans anticipating the All West Grey Cup? :stuck_out_tongue:

and a couple bomber fans hoping for a miracle :stuck_out_tongue:

it will take a slight miracle (yes a bigger miracle than stuffing the als 3 times with 1 yard to go in the eastern semi) to beat montreal and B.C in the playoffs but i have faith... :slight_smile:

CFLroyalty are you only here to critizise Callvillo?

50,000. sweet. it should be fun watching the riders repeat in the big aw in front of a huge crowd.

once the als lose in the playoffs there will be alot of tix for sale.

There will be 60K plus unless its an all west affair.

What are you talking about..... We have the exact same team this year as last....so we have the same chance as last year....We lost like 4 of our last five games last season and yet somehow got through the playoffs.
As a matter of fact I think this year's team is actually better then last years team. Last year we got alot luckier... however there wasn't a single game last season we won by more then 15 points!!! This season we won a game by more then 20 points....

mpdid we are only one game away from tieing TO and getting a tie for second. and the blue are playing their best football of the season.

I second that...
Let the Cannons roar..

Oh I'm quite aware of our position, just having some fun :slight_smile:

Your teams position will be bend over the knee getting spanked if you have to play a western cross over team :smiley:

At 3-8? Yeah, a real juggernaut you've got there.

well i don't know about the Lions fan part but yes most will be Riders fans :slight_smile:

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lmao, bombers win 1 game huge and they are playing their best football of the season

A few Argo fans will be there also :slight_smile:

BS...go to Admission site and do a search for 1 Platinum and/or 1 Gold ticket and some are still available !

Ok, I'm just complaining for nothing :wink:

Even the Als site says gold and platinum are sold put

Good for Montreal. Should be another good GC.