It is now apperently official as per the Montreal Gazzette how in excess of 40,000 is anticipated for the loss against my Argos.

Notes - Quarterback Anthony Calvillo missed practice yesterday after the birth of his second daughter. ... A team official said more than 40,000 are expected Saturday at the Big O. ... Receivers Kerry Watkins and Ben Cahoon both could eclipse 1,000 yards this season against Toronto.



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argo show on fan 590 said over 42,000.

and all there to see millington...lol

Last year it was like 46,000. I'd be a bit disappointed with 42,000.

No it was in the low 30ies last year

Nope you're right....45K
35 at the Eastern Final

Regardless, anything over 40,000+ is awesome.
Plus it gives the Als a chance to make money while breaking pretty much even at McGill.

Should be a wild one.

I'd expect a good bit over 40K, if the stadium was better 50K wouldn't be out of the question.

lol, Argos already won the game eh? mailed it in I guess. Can't wait to see the Als win that although I dislike both teams really.

3rd and 4th favorite Eastern teams respectively. 4th and 5th if you count the Schooners.