Ouverture de la saison 2017 Saskatchewan @ Montréal

C'est avec un espoir renouvelé que j'attends l'ouverture de la saison 2017, qui sera consommée par cette partie entre les Roughriders et les Alouettes.

Je dis espoir renouvelé, et je suppose que c'est une partie d'espoir pour ces deux formations qui en arrachent toutes deux depuis quelques saisons.

Du côté des Alouettes, j'espère qu'ils auront une attaque structurée qui pourra soutenir ses séquences offensives et mettre plus de 25 points au tableau. Je souhaite également que la défensive soit aussi efficace que par le passé, avec une certaine amélioration en 2ième et long. Je jeterai un coup d'œil attentif aux unités spéciales qui, sauf pour les performances de Bede, me semblent avoir perdu des plumes au passage.

Avec la ligne offensive renouvelée, je m'attends à une attaque plus efficace, une meilleure protection du quart, une attaque au sol plus agressive qui va dicter le jeu au lieu d'espérer qu'il ne foire pas. Je souhaite que cette ligne s'assure que les Alouettes ne perdront pas leurs deux premiers quarts-arrières dans la première demie de jeu et qu'elle va gagner sa part de la guerre des tranchées.

Du côté de la défensive, je souhaite qu'elle rende Glenn inconfortable le plus tôt possible et qu'elle se rende à lui régulièrement. On connaît la conséquence de ce genre de situation avec lui et ce sont les demis défensifs qui vont s'en régaler. Il va falloir empêcher les Roughriders d'établir leur jeu au sol, car quand ton attaque est unidimensionnelle et qu'elle repose sur Kevin Glenn, on sait que les erreurs vont finir par arriver.

Bref, mes attentes sont élevées quand aux chances de succès de cette partie et j'ai hâte de voir sous quel jour va s'ouvrir cette nouvelle ère des Alouettes.

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Receiver Rob Bagg & returner Chad Owens both won't play in Thursday's season opener in Montreal. #Riders #CFL

Owens has been put on the 6 game with his recurring foot injury.

LeStaff: I agree with your comment that Glen can be prone to make mistakes in crucial moments. Reading some of the positive notes coming from the RR's camp, I recall last season that Glen was quite able to throw an interception at an inappropriate moment. We are starting this game with a very good QB which is a missing link in the Regina camp. I have not seen the lineup for the Sask game but with our two US OT's hopefully Durant will not be too rushed and, our RB, whom ever it is, should have some openings through which to scamper, at least that what was the intention of going International for the OTs. I feel the need for a big win to get the optimism going for us all.

Je ne sous-estimerai pas les défensives de Jones, mais je pense que la ligne offensive actuelle permet de penser que l'attaque pourra jouer un rôle plus positif cette année.

Looks like they`re going with 2 National DTs which I kind of wanted.

Herb Zurkowsky? @HerbZurkowsky1 4m4 minutes ago
DB Raymon Taylor is on the disabled list

Herb Zurkowsky? @HerbZurkowsky1 5m5 minutes ago

#AlsMTL have put Ray Drew, Anthony Sarao and QB Matthew Shiltz on one-game IR. Vet DB Ryan Phillips there too

And Travis Hawkins replacing Taylor.

Joey Alfieri? @joeyalfieri 48m48 minutes ago
He's been battling an illness since last week. Caused him to be dehydrated. I expect Travis Hawkins to take his place on active roster

I hope HotDog Hawkins has learned his lesson. I don't trust that guy.

C’est malheureux qu’à l’heure qu’il est, ces mouvements de personnel ne figurent pas encore dans l’alignement.

It's not to the team's advantage to display its roster until the very last minute. Especially in light of Jones renting Jovon Johnson for the game.

Je suis totalement en accord avec toi, LeStaf. Nous ne savons pas encore les joueurs qui sont sur la liste des blessés; de plus, des joueurs libérés sont toujours inclus à l'alignement.

On devrait penser plus aux partisans.

Dans le passé, sous Equipe, nous avions,entre autres, l'alignement et charte des positions; depuis la semaine dernière, charte des positions a disparue. J'ai demandé, mais j'attends toujours la réponse.


I agree about the fans but until the league mandates these things for all teams. You can't blame individual teams.

We are most likely going to keep hearing that the Als are the CFL`s oldest team at 28.4 years.

Well the youngest team - Sask. - is at 26.9, so that`s like only a 1 1/2 year difference.

Even on the CFL website the Als June18 Transactions seem incomplete or cut off.

Broche a foin! :smiley: We need Serge Amyot!

Photo of the Punt Return team taken today???. Hard to tell, but it looks like LB's Kyries Hebert, Frederic Plesius, and Branden Dozier are all in the picture as well as Mikaël Charland. I think the player in the safety position is SJ Haidara.


I don't think that we need Serge Amyot,Sheldon. He was aa bad if not worse than Herb. I had many discussions/"prises de bec" with him. Yes, he wrote regularly, but more often it was negative.

We need a Louis-Philippe Dorais. He was always responding to your questions. He was the best.


I was kidding about Serge Amyot, but he did give lots of Als info and he was entertaining. But yeah he was always complaining about the CFL.

You werent the only one Richard who was a fan of Dorais. Don Matthews got along with him very well. I think hes with Tennis Canada now.

The updated roster is now available on Als website.


Finally have a ratio. Which looks like they've elected to go Canadian at Safety and stick with two Canadian linesmen on the defensive line.

I'm not thrilled that if the MIKE get's hurt we have to put Boulay or Plesius in there but hopefully we don't lose Tovell early in a game.

Also sad that we have to dress Haidara as a receiver. We really need to get our Canadian receiver talent up and groomed over the next couple seasons. Maybe the Als can trade for Behar from Edmonton.

In the final pre-season game, the 1st team offense used only one non-import in 5 receiver sets. Maybe that was due to Samuel Giguère being injured. However on defense when a 3-4 was utilized, an import DT came out and was replaced by Canadian LB Nicolas Boulay. What makes the most sense for this odd behavior is that the Als already knew they were going to sign another Canadian DT before the season started.

Dominique Termansen is not listed on the depth chart.

I am surprised that Ernest Jackson is listed as a WR instead of a Slotback. He is your most expensive receiver and is moving away from the position that earned him the Eastern Nominee for Most Outstanding Player.

Website Roster Changes Other than Moves to the Injured List

61 Annen, Zach OL N 6'4 302 22 Carleton
81 Bailey, Devon WR N 6'5 202 25 St. Francis Xavier
32 Cranston, Ty DB N 6'3 205 23 Ottawa

26 Hollins, Tyree DB I 5'9 190 25 Grambling State - now listed as 6'3 239 lbs
58 Brodeur-Jourdain, Luc C N 6'2 309 34 Laval - now listed as 326 lbs

-Eugene Lewis article on how he became an Alouette. He received a call from his agent on Friday night and was in Montreal 24 hours later trying to make a team whose training camp was almost over.

[url=http://citizensvoice.com/sports/football-eugene-lewis-joins-canadian-league-practice-squad-1.2209381]http://citizensvoice.com/sports/footbal ... -1.2209381[/url]

On the Canadian WR depth, don't forget that Giguere is injured. So really Haidara isn't dressing if the starter is playing. I do agree that we need quality depth there in the years ahead.

On the backups at MLB, it comes to the fact that they re-signed Boulay and traded a great LB prospect (Shorthill) just so both those guys could back up an American. :roll: :roll: