Outta Curiosity

We all know if Hefney gets cut we throw him right back where he was in his natural position

But... Say Kyries Hebert gets cut from the NFL where does he fit into our defence? considering Logan has found his own at Safety now do we put Kyries a LB or HB or do we move Logan to Corner and throw Hebert back to safety.

Keep in mind Logan pretty much has to play on the starting roster to keep the Canadian Ratio

hebert would be a tricky fit for many reasons.... logan is a good safety and is canadian, hebert will carry a big contract, and someone in this league, if not us, will be willing to give it to him, so itl come down to who would we bump to bring him in, and can we afford to do so...

if hebert was cut and was interested in playing for thebombers, i think we would see him converted to an outside linebacker... maybe replacing charlton, or backing him up at the start... he covers the field well and delivers big hits.. i think it would cause to much ratio juggling to make him a safety again... mind u if our canadians at other positions are showing well we may be able to work it out

and yes, hefney goes right back in as soon as he is somewhat ok with kavis's defense playbook, if he were cut.. and suber, or craver, or anyone really, will be cut or pr'd to make room for him

The FP or Sun said that Hefney is taking first team reps at safety for the Lions and he is listed second on their depth chart for DBs. I don't think we'll be seeing Hef again.

I think that depth Chart is way off but i think your right we won't see him back anytime I'd say after Labour Day but at 5' 9" I don't think he'll be there long especially if he's playing DB where most receivers in NFL are close to 6' 0" and have very good verticles.

From that Depth Chart just going by players names and what i know there's no way he's ranked any higher than a 3rd string DB or 2nd String Safety

DBs - I believe Aaron Berry was there 1st round pick and is suppose to start immediatly and than you got Jonathan Wade, Chris Houston and Dante Wesley that i believe would get the nod before Hefney

Safety's - got Bullocks, Manuel and Simpson i believe would get the nod before hefney aswell

I wish the guy the best of luck but i think his height is what is really gonna seal his fate in the NFL unless they keep him as a special teams player which he would do excellent at and totally see them doing that as he's still in that Minimum/rookie salary if he was a 3-4 yr pro more than likely would have already been cut, i think cause he'd cost em too much money its the rookie salary thats keeping him down there this long i believe.

We wont see Hefney here. As for Hebert, IF he were to get cut, There isnt any room for him on our roster. He would end up somewhere else

Hmmm. I dont recall the lions ever taking an Aaron Berry in the first round. Maybe you're thinking of Eric Berry? But he was a safety taken 5th overall by the chiefs.

Chris Houston is the best guy on that list and he'll be the #1 guy IMO. From there i think it's a toss up.

Ya your right my bad.