Outstanding Player 2005 - Cory Holmes

Get this guy on the field with more touches. He is the best offensive weapon the Ticats have.

Use him more please!

Otherwise, good entertainment at the stadium.

There will always be penalties, dropped balls and other mistakes. We need to limit them for sure and we will. Mr. Taffe is a proven winner so no worries here.

I totally agree. Last year Marshall / Paopao (sp??) could not figure out how to use both Ranek & Holmes together . . . and then later Lumsden was added to the equation/confusion.
It seems that Taffe and his staff are having the same problem.
There should be no problem with using your KO returner on offence as well - Pinball Clemons survived, Rufus Crawford survived, Earl Winfield got his name onto the Wall of Honour doing it . . . get Holmes onto the field!!
Please make Corey Holmes a permanent starter on offence . . . place him in the Amerson / Yeast slotback position. Do you expect me to believe that any of these other receivers on this roster represent a bigger threat than Holmes?? C'mon - get with it and just do it. Every time I see Holmes standing on the sidelines it drives me nuts . . . !!!