Outstanding Kicking

Looks like Jamie Boreham is healthy again....boy did he kick-off deep all night ,,,,,and some of those punts! He constantly put the Eskimos deep in their own end. Just saw the game on TV but it seemed like he had great hangtime and distance.

Way to go Riders!

Agree... I have always liked the power in his kickoffs as well.
although it is only our first game the cover teams looked vastly improved.

Jamie Boreham is a beast! :rockin:

The cover teams are so much better partly because of Jamie's hang time on punts an kick-offs. Not only is he getting great distance but the hang time allows the cover guys the extra time to get down field.

The biggest difference last year was this. Kent Austin for Danny Barrett. The 2nd biggest difference? Jamie Boreham. Kickoffs landing inside the 10. Not outside the 25. 5 or 6 kickoffs and thats a lot of yards because of Boreham. Cant remember who Riders traded to get him. Does anyone remember?

he was part of the corey holmes trade with flick wasn't he?

No, Wayne Smith was traded alongside Flick; Boreham was "traded to Saskatchewan from Hamilton for IMP DL Al Washington."

Just checked and Jaime Boreham has the highest punt net average in the league..which is a testimate to his hang time and distance and the riders down field coverage

That's one player signing that made me cringe, but I am very happy to be have been put in my place eating humble pie. Even last year, I already had to admit he proved me wrong. This year, even better ... in the one game we had. Here's to him keeping it up ... (visualize Canada Day beer being raised).

I was with you on being hesitant with the signing of Boreham but ever since he ran downfield and leveled a returner i've liked him.....he's big for a kicker to isn't he like 220lbs?

I'd rather lose Congi than him....just based that on personal preference not stats, or talent

Yeah, until you see Boreham try a field goal. With Hamilton, he kicked a couple so wide they went right off the planet. He does what he's doing now well, but a placekicker he's not.

Boreham plays hard after the punts too.
To be honest I haven't watched his post-punt play too much this year, but last year I remember being very impressed with it.

He has already recovered a punt as a Roughie. I look forward to him doing that again.

He recorded a tackle on Ian Smart and it wasn't one of these get by the kicker and he's gone tackles, it was in the middle of the field - and he stopped him in his tracks. Gotta be impressed with that kind of effort.

Boreham impressed me tonite against Hamilton when he avoided the block and got the kick off anyways. Not too many times a kicker has the heads up for that in mid stride...

Well Done.

hes so smart. Last year he would do everything, he recovered his own punt, it seemed there wasn't a special teams play that he wasn't in on the tackle.