Outs #36 & #87 / Ins #1 & #86

Ike Brown and Chris Bauman moved to Injured List. WR Kevin Robinson gets his first action, at least as a returner with McDaniel, and Matt Carter dresses again. Otherwise the same as last week @ TOR.

why isn't caulley playing this is getting ridiculous he is healthy and yet he gets scratched don't understand why :cry: :cry:

8) Caulley is not healthy !!
 He is back on the IR again.

is it a legit injury tho?

What's wrong with Bauman, a bad case of the droppsies? I hope he heals up and gets back into the lineup as he's a big non-import target. Then again, so are the uprights and they can't catch either.

but didn't he play 2 or three games ago?

He did, in the Thanksgiving Day "turkey" against WPG and has been back on the Injured List since.

did he get injured?

Well of course. :roll: He's on the Injured List.

what's his injury?

Pretty sure it's his knee. I don't think they would have signed Ebell if it wasn't a legit injury.

If you were at the dinner last night, "it's probably a groin injury". Trainer Chris Puskas gives a mean massage according to Philbrick.
Great food..great friends at the table..great speech by Vince Scott's son. LOUSY SOUND SYSTEM, shoulda brought up the speakers from the stadium :stuck_out_tongue:


cheatwood: My tongue was deeply stuck in my cheek when I wrote "Of course....," making fun of the use of the Injured List by all teams. However I agree, as you have since pointed out, the Ebell signing says Caulley really is hurt.

…or the Ticats have ‘other plans’ for him. :roll: