Outraged at the CFL leadership.....

CaptainKirk - Post of the year (the one above this last one).

I shall buy you a beer this season if given the chance.

Romulan ale, please.

I'm tired of the morality police. Its not like he commited a violent crime.

Way to go Mikey..you skimmed Ricky threads and condemed him in your own CFL Ricky thread!!!!!get a life! :?

How do you know this? Are you a personal friend or family?

Oh no! ... it's "The Return of One More Dork". "ATTACK".

Not THIS again!

Nice "first" post, ehbet. welcome :roll:

I'm rooting for Ricky...but I'm gonna step in and say "tobacco" and collect my prize.

I'm just going by what I have read and seen like everyone else.

A5 B3!

(See 'Thans Alot Toronto' thread.
Makes the discussion a lot easier to follow. :wink:

Exactly. We don't know the individuals in the sports and entertainment industry. Just because the media tells us one thing or another, it is still our job to think critically for ourselves. The media's job is to sell advertising spots.

Ricky Williams may be a great guy, or that image may be a mirage. Regardless, most people who don't like the Argos signing him don't care about the person's merits. It's the principle being discarded that is being protested.

Which principle is being discarded here?

All i have to say is this...

Mikey...you've spent too much time out on the lawnmower in the sun without a hat!

This is a lot of "ToDo" about nothing if you ask me!

From what I've seen and heard...the guy will be a model player and prove his detractors wrong!

Just my opinion which thankfully keeps getting bumped up so everyone can read it........lol :lol:

(note:...I never said what anyone else's opinion should be as everyone is entitled to one......well in most forums that is.. :wink: )

Oh Mikey you little scamp. Look at all the ruckus you’ve started since stating your opinion.

The cfl should not have changed the contract to allow williams or any other player in this league. If they can't sign a reg. contract they should not play.


:x :x :x

Too funny......I just like to see the same reaction time and time again from the same person who must have a pager which goes off when I post....I just chuckle now at the silliness...

I'm waiting anxiously for Free Agent's Day 11 report....I was going to pop into camp today for a half hour but got sidetracked.....dang! :cry:

Some of the opinions arn't just opinions they are value judgements and moralizing.
How about ofering support and explaining those views instead of fluffing off the people who respond?

I vowed since they let you in again 'onemoredork' that I wouldn't get baited by you anymore.....so therefore, you'll have to look somewhere else....I said in my opening post I'm not debating my opinion (mostly cause I'm right anyhow.....lol :wink: )

But keep bumping up my opinion all you want...


Have fun kids....gotta log out right now...

Nice, troll, cast, troll then run away.

I take it back you are consistent.