Outlooks for the bombers in 06

i think well do 50x's better than last year, seeing how we got AJ3, simpson, a more efficient o line, and hell of a good dline, very good receivers, and an improving secondary(shocking)

Peg you forgot the most important acquisition being Coach Berry. It starts with the HC and goes outward. Still, I am afraid to say you are weak at QB and on D.

i think the Bombers could be racing with the Riders for 3rd spot...see what happens with karikari.

the thing is, the riders are not improving at all...and BC is losing alot of players.....but noones gonna top the 2 alberta teams in the west

The Riders won't have a hope in hell of third spot if they don't get a QB and a kicker.....working on a receiving corps wouldn't hurt either.....not looking good now.....

Bombers need KJ and they need him now.

D is fine with the right couch, we have the right people, and now that void has been filled.

. sorry..oilers and flames will go early in the playoffs :lol:

Have faith jm, I think the Riders will suprise a lot of people. It could me, it could be everyone else. I'm hoping its everyone else.

yeah, we'll be surprised by how awful they do.

oh, low blow there.

Any kind of football analysis coming from you will never hurt my feelings Kanga, cause generally I know if you get something right, you got lucky.

good for what alles you or me, whatever rocks the boat

I see Winnipeg losing a gm after next season.

in the poll below, the who will finsh frist in the West, although I think Winnipeg will make it, we wiil not finsh frist but we will finsh in 3nd. I think that Calgary will finsh 1st.

  1. CGY
  2. EDM
  3. WPG
  4. SSK
  5. BC

BC 5th......Kanga..You have to do stand up comedy sometimes.

We lose Simpson (Starter) Printers (Backup) and we're relegated from 1st to 5th?

I'll save my predictions until the free agent frenzy is done. As tempting as it is to do it now, there are still various factors and questions with some teams.

(1) What and who will Saskatchewan Sign?
(2) Who will Quarterback Winnipeg?
(3) Will BC be able to sign or trade for an Offensive Lineman?
(4) What will Edmonton do to patch up a couple of their holes?
(5) How long will Ottawa sit on there hands and do nothing? (Aside from Today's signing)
(6) How many more players are Hamilton still after?
(7) Will Don Mathews pursue his "recording Career," or get back to sensible coaching in Montreal (tick,tick,tick, the welcome clock is ticking)

I'll think about predictions after some of these questions get answered.

I agree Sportsmen on not predicting too early....the rosters haven't even been set....but I will say ...and I'll stick my neck out here....the most improved teams in 06 will be Hammer and the Peg....where they will end up.....too many variables to call that...but definitely not where they were last year.... :wink:

1st- eskies
2nd - stamps
3rd - lions / bombers
4th - lions / bombers
5th - riders

riders have become the renegades of the west...no improvements, only losing players.

I agree Papa, Hamilton definately made the most moves, with Winnipeg doing some key deals as well.. How much both improve will depend on a lot of other factors.

(singing)I like the way you move!(singing)!

nothing short of a playoff spot would be considered a success.......

and getting to the Grey Cup would be a miracle and a dream come ture!

From the players the teams have thus far in the off-season, I would predict...
2. Cal
3. BC
5. Sask

  1. Montreal
  2. Hamilton
  3. Toronto
  4. Ottawa