Outlook: Draft + TC 2012

Players to consider in the upcoming draft I think are OL - Ben Heenan, OL - Kirby Fabien and LB - Frederic Plesius.

For Heenan; I think Sask. takes Ben 1st pick over all.

Edmonton picks 2nd; LB Plesius could be their choice, Frederic is Quick and a strong/hard hitter with great stats who some say has what it takes/potential for the NFL.

Edmonton picks 6th; OL Fabien is another solid player, played a huge part in Calgary's O-Line in alot of ways. The thing is Kirby may not be available for the Eskimos to pick him; then again Fabien is picked 2nd overall, F. Plesius may get chosen before the 6th pick comes up for Edmonton. Looking forward to training camp, but in the next couple of months; I'm intriqued to find out what Tillmans next move will be. Thoughts...?

So Edmonton has two 1st round draft selections at 2nd and 6th overall. I see either an OL or LB with the 1st selection, and I'd love to see Chambers get selected with the 6th pick, if hes even there that long. He's 6'3 and around 210 lbs I believe and ran the 40 time in 4.36 seconds... Can someone tell me the fastest 40 time last year by someone significant? It was like a 4.6. Enough said there. Heres an ideal WR with what I believe definitely has the drive to succeed and the tools. Hoping Edmonton picks this young man up. :thup: :smiley:

Another good Wide Receiver to consider as well who may be equal to having the tools is Ismael Bamba.

After looking at the E-Camp results so far I noticed OL - Kirby Fabien is DNP after the bench press; I wonder if he suffered an injury of sorts? On to another prospect; LB - F. Plesius is doing well and could be the Esks selection with their 1st pick after Saskatchewan in the first round.

[url=http://www.edmontonjournal.com/sports/football/edmonton-eskimos/Eskimos+consider+various+ways+approach+upcoming+draft/6254771/story.html]http://www.edmontonjournal.com/sports/f ... story.html[/url]

Interesting read on options; which way will the Eskimos go in the draft? One would think WR - Chambers could/may be high on their radar, but then again who knows what Tillmans next move is going be.

A guy at WR like Chambers that big at 6-3 and 219 with that kind of speed at 4.42, agility at 4.04, explosiveness at 10'4", and leaps at 38.5", and let alone a Canadian at WR as well, does not come around too often in ANY draft.

Guys, numbers like that dare I say should also get the NFL taking a hard look. No I do not want that, but scouts are not blind.

If you don't believe me, take a look for yourself: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/pros ... gs/2012/WR

If Chambers runs decent routes and has decent hands now as can be coached for improvement, take the WR I say with no more need for discussion.

Tillman could be playing in a liar's poker tournament just like the rest of them. It's the same deal year-in year-out at draft time.

Some say that Chambers will be gone in the first three/four top picks. I think Sask. will select Heenan, so if Edmonton takes a different player then Hamilton/Lions will grab Chambers.
That other player that Esks may select is Ismael Bamba; This player has great break-out speed - handles the ball well and just may be the guy for Special Teams on kickoff/punt returns outside of the WR position.

[url=http://www.esks.com/article/esks-qbs-ready-to-compete-for-no-1-job-selection-process-starts-at-mini-camp]http://www.esks.com/article/esks-qbs-re ... -mini-camp[/url]

Should be an interesting time for the 5 QB's; then the real deal begins on the first weekend in June.
Other news as per Tillman on radio of late; the Esks are content with the players they have on the Runningback/Fullback tandem. Edmonton does hope Goebel steps up along with Fils?; however, Tillman did say someone may be signed prior to TC.

Yeah I checked it before too before posting on the other thread. And ...? We still demand to know! :slight_smile:

There is still 3 open camps srill to go mind you; Never know on a prospect (RB) to emerge…ect.

Here's the NFL free agent list for unsigned running backs as shows one player who went to the CFL with Montreal, Noel Devine.

[url=http://www.kffl.com/static/nfl/features/freeagents/fa.php?option=RB&y=2012]http://www.kffl.com/static/nfl/features ... =RB&y=2012[/url]

Some of these players have actual playing experience, and some like Devine have not played a down of regular season NFL ball.

Tillman should look here first instead of various camps for unsigned guys who are not too old, do not have too much injury history, or are "untouchable" such as Ray Rice and other high-profile backs as yet unsigned.

[url=http://www.edmontonjournal.com/sports/football/edmonton-eskimos/Jyles+still+tops+Eskimos+quarterback+depth+chart/6494470/story.html]http://www.edmontonjournal.com/sports/f ... story.html[/url]

Hope Jyles continues to shine come TC in June :thup:

Something is in the works with Sask./Esks as they are talking about a trade; Riders want a starting Canadian/more draft picks in order for Heenan to Edmonton - Chambers to Saskatchewan. Eskies are loaded up with Receivers; Interesting to see what goes down on draft day. Thoughts?...

Look for Tillman to steal Taman's lunch again. I hope you Esk fans know how lucky you are to have such a sharp general manager. I'm a lifelong TiCat fan and season ticket holder here in the Hammer. Good luck to the Esks this year. We'll see you in the Grey Cup. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(in Obie we trust))

All the best to you and the Tiger Cats this year; we'll see how the draft plays out on Thursday.

I second that too for the Ti-Cats, as no one came close to the free agency excellence demonstrated by the Ti-Cats as if they had the entire run of choice for every single position before any other team could sign a free agent.

We'll see what they do beyond the draft going into camp.

Less than 17 Hrs. away now till the draft…

  1. Saskatchewan - Ben Heenan
  2. Edmonton - Frederic Plesius
  3. Hamilton - Chambers

With the signing of Giguère I doubt that Hamilton will select a WR in round 1.

I say:
Chambers with Sask.
Keenan with Edmonton.
Fabien with Hamilton.


Esks selected OL Austin Pasztor. Everyone seems to agree that he's ready to play now, but I'm not thrilled about him already having a contract with the Vikings. That means we have to wait. :frowning:

Took WR Shamawd Chambers with our second pick.