The Montreal Alouettes are on a 4 games winning streak. :smiley:

Respectively, the Als (#1 most points scored offense) scored
42 against Winnepeg (#3 most points scored offense)
32 against Calgary (#4 most points scored offense)
38 against Saskatchewan (#5 most points scored offense tied with Edmonton)
46 against B.C. (#2 most points scored offense)

That is right, for a team that struggled a lot during the first few weeks of the season, they now have 517 points scored. B.C. only has 478 with a game in hand (they would need to score 39 pts in their next outing to tie the Als).

With an average of 39.5 pts/game scored over that 4 games span, the question is:

We'll know pretty soon if the Montreal offense is Toronto proof. With a renewed running game, it very well could be. :twisted:

Your d will have to tighten up eventually to have success in the playoffs. Give teams like the Esks and Riders another shot to beat you and I don't think the result will be the same.

Montreal in 2005, baby, they are unstoppable!!!!

B.C have both played 15 games.
They dont have a game in hand


I really think Montreal is the hottest team right now, lots of momentum. If they beat Toronto, the only good team the Als will not have beaten recently are the Edmonton Eskimos. And I don't think the Esks are stronger then Toronto.

So an Als win over Toronto would put the Als in a great position in the rankings and in the head of every other team in the league.

You don't want to play Montreal right now. :o

Montreal is hot...BC is not...(Hopefully we'll turn it around on Saturday). Sask has gotten untracked, Edmonton has filled their 1 weakness (RB). Toronto is quietly winning with good defense.

What a finish to the season comming up!

Hmmm, you got me there, ro1313 :oops: , Montreal and B.C. have played the same number of games. And that makes my point ever more pointy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Montreal has scored 39 more points this year than B.C., and a million more points than all the other teams combined. Quite an offense. :shock: