Outdoor Classic at Ivor Wynne Stadium

So does anyone know if we are going to have an ice building cam at Ivor Wynne to show the progress of the build? Not sure how much work it is to run something such as they have on NHL.com but thought I would ask.


Everyone got their tics?

Mine are likely a bit low but $80 for two games and a concert just to be there, can't beat that with a bat - or a hockey stick.

They are starting to plug this event more on theahl.com. Loving the promo pieces so far. http://theahl.com/2012-outdoor-games-p174874

This is going to be sweet!

Anyone know also, if we are planning to have a tailgate set up before the Saturday game? Would be nice to party football style before the game.

Personally I am hoping for some public skating and perhaps even playing in a hockey game myself on that surface before all is said and done.

I wanna get tickets but have not seen where the ice surface wil be located on the field. I don't want to assume it will be smack dab in the middle, as some outdoor hockey events have an auxilliary ice surface. Did I miss this info?

Is there a map out there showing the location of the ice surface?

For the Charity Game a few years ago it was smack dab in the middle.

Well when Ivor Wynne hosted a charity hockey game a few years ago - this is where the rink was located.


I am sure it will be located in the same spot. There's only so much room to work with for an NHL size rink.

It will be placed in the same spot. The TIcketmaster map is of no help really. The map I was sent shows the arena and how Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum seats are arranged. ie. Box J front row for hockey, are actually Bronze level.

They are also renting the ice for anyone that doesn't know from January 16th to 31st. Contact Jonathan Hunter mailto:jonathan.hunter@hamiltonbulldogs.com for details. He'll also send you that pretty map I was just talking about.

I think I should also note, the Bulldogs owner Michael Andeluer has stated that the proceeds from the event are going to go to the Hamilton Bulldogs foundation charity.

Besides, this game gives us the answer to the age old question.

Who does blow like the Argos?

:) I think we should start a cheer like that for this game.

The pic reminds me of watching a football game at the Big O with all that space between the fans and the action.

It should be a good time, hope the weather cooperates.

Some early photos of construction in preparation of the ice just posted. :slight_smile: http://www.facebook.com/OutdoorClassic

I think it would be cool if Pigskin showed up and lead cheers. Little known fact, the Oski Yell actually started with the Hamilton Tigers hockey team.

Cool. That info should be added to the Wiki for the variations of this cheer if correct. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oski_Yell It does mention 1920's as the origin of a variation of Hamilton's version of the Oski Yell but doesn't reference the Tigers of the NHL. Remember our Tiger-Cats around that time, were also known as the Tigers.

So alumni roster for the Friday game just revealed. Some big names! I bet this sells out fast just for those wanting to see these old greats play outdoors!


Remember if you buy tics to the main game on Saturday at Ivor Wynne, you get tickets to the Friday Alumni game as well.

Here are some recent pics from the ice build as well from The Spec.com: http://www.thespec.com/photozone/649539--ivor-wynne-ice-rink

The answer to my original question - the ice building cam. :slight_smile:


Remember the old days when there was an Outdoor Classic every day of the week. I remember Parkdale Arena (Pat Quinn Arena) before they put a cover on it. Then when they did, they still had a small wood clad rink at the back end for practices and the tyke and atom kids.
And I remember playing there with the tin lid that was open on the sides, man it was cold in there. :smiley:

Awesome. My dad talks of those days. I played many an our on outdoor rinks including friends whose dads built them in their backyards but the only real true rink I played in that was cold (besides Eastwood), was in Baltimore, Maryland. There was a section across the top that was open all around the rink and we had our skates and gloves in front of space heaters during intermissions and our face masks kept freezing up. :slight_smile: Coach made us get off the bus before we got to the arena and run the rest of the way with our equipment to get the blood flowing. :slight_smile:

We won that tournament. The cold was no match for us. :slight_smile:

For anyone interested in getting a sneak peak at the ice surface at Ivor Wynne before thousands of fans converge on Balsam this weekend, come on out to watch our group play at 9:30 pm tonight. Look for the Cogeco Blues jersey's. You are more than welcome to join us and sit in the stands or stand up against the glass, but you will be asked to sign in upon entering.

I am pretty stoked at this opportunity to play on this ice surface. Hamilton is very lucky to have this luxury available to us for the Month of January.

There is a beautiful photo of the outdoor setup on the Hamilton Insider website, as well as details about shuttles to the game and FREE public skate dates. http://visitus.tourismhamilton.com/

For anyone else interested in renting the ice for some shinny or a company open skate, contact Jonathan Hunter at the Bulldogs at 905-546-8170. It's mostly morning time slots that are open but this evening, the 24th, and 25th 11pm timeslots are still available for evening rentals.

It's all those participating around our office, are talking about right now. As all the advertising states, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity and I know tonight, we will all be walking away with a memory we won't soon forget!

Oh, and our game will be broadcast live from the top of Ivor Wynne. :wink: The feed is a little choppy but you can catch our exciting match at 9:30pm est. I'll be dawning the white #7 jersey - not that you'll be able to see numbers from that angle.


For anyone that peaks into these forums that has some pull, it's all the buzz around here anyway, how cool it would be to have this sort of thing available to us all year round all the time. How can we build the floor of the new stadium, so that cooling systems and setup required for such a surface, perhaps isn't such as costly to set up each winter? I know we are set on a budget but maybe it would be something other corporate partners/Bulldogs would like to be involved with? What would it be worth revenue wise, to have this type of outdoor facility available all winter long? Even leagues run out of there? We want to make this new stadium multi-use. Nothing more multi then year round.

Just some thoughts.

There is almost zero buzz about this game in my circles, and that disappoints me.

Any word on ticket sales?

Philadelphia had a record crowd of over 45,000 for their AHL game, Adirondack vs. Hershey http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/h ... le2294797/

Not sure what the ticket prices were for the Philadelphia game, but I find the Hamilton ticket prices too high.