There is some talk about Hawkins and Miller having to prove themselves. What are your measurements of success?
I’m assuming they will survive the season.
The outcomes I will use as measurements are:

Even or winning season: 9-9, 10-8
Offense: In top 4 of scoring offense
Defense: top 4 in scoring against.
Special Teams:
Whyte: 80% in FG.
Positive net in punting

Some evidence in developing a B/U QB

What are yours?

I have different criteria for Hawkins (as HC) and Miller (as OC)

.500 or winning season: 9-9, 10-8 or better
More efficiency in running practice
Better use of challenges and third-down gambles

More passing yards per game (AC going over 300 yards and 3 passing TDs at least 4-5 times this season)
Better ball control / time of possession
At least two receivers over at, over, or near 1000 yards by season's end
Better use of formation
Better use of pre-snap motion
More audibles for Calvillo at the line
More offensive majors scored per game (3-4 most games)

When you look at the East division, the talent on this team and the resources given to them. Anything less that winning the division is a failure.

Maybe Popp has told someone to be "ready" and if they get beat by Toronto (Milanovich and Jones) are gonna take no more than a couple days off ... knowing they can come to Montreal and nail our coffin.

Anyway they get humiliated at home by Toronto its going to get ugly...

I can see your point, but frankly, if we can finish the season with a .500 record and the offense on an upward swing, I'll be happy regardless of whether we win the division or not. We won the division last year and it didn't do us any good in the playoffs...

For me winning the division means going to the GC.

Don't see how you can say that, given how we fared hosting the EDF last year and given that we haven't even played Toronto or Hamilton yet...

The OP was how you would measure success. For me given everything Success is winning the division (Eastern Final). Anything else is not success for me.

But you said winning the division means going to the Grey Cup. That's not a given, as we saw last year. Unless you're talking about winning the EDF? That would be a success, for sure...

Ya i'm just asking for your measurements that you will be using for success. Not intending for others to question your choices or debate them.

Lorsqu'on pose une question sur un forum, il faut s'attendre à ce qu'il y ait des débats. C'est le côté intéressant d'un forum.

Pour ma part, je dirais que le succès pour cette saison se mesurera surtout par la progression de l'équipe globalement.

Nous avons une nouvelle équipe largement composée des mêmes joueurs. De la façon dont les équipes de l'Est jouent présentement, les Alouettes ont encore une chance de jouer en élminatoires. C'est déjà ça de gagné.

Ce que je veux voir, c'est une amélioration constante puisque l'équipe est partie 2 mois en retard sur tout le monde.

Si les Alouettes terminent la saison en compétiteurs crédibles, même négligés, ça me suffira pour cette saison. Mais si l'équipe continue de jouer en piochons à l'attaque, je ne me gênerai pas pour l'écrire.

No Lestaff...just asking for opinions here. Free of debate...just free opinions.

Yeah my bad . I mean representing the East at the GC. That is the stated goal of this team and in my books a successful season.

That would be a win for me as well, but as I said earlier, a 9-9 record and signs of positive offense progress would be a baseline for satisfaction. This isn't the mid-2000s, we can't take the east for granted anymore...

Désolé, mais le forum ne vous appartient pas. Il est une tribune où s'expriment les opinions, les réflexions, les états d'âme et aussi les pronostics. Il serait illusoire d'espérer que vous puissiez contrôler la façon dont les gens doivent répondre sur ce forum. Ce n'est pas un parti politique, quand même.

Si vous voulez avoir ce contrôle, faites un sondage, pas une rubrique.

Well-said, my friend. I don't know why certain members keep thinking they can control discussion. This is a message board. It exists to let people express a variety of opinions. So long as we talk football in a civil manner, we're free to disagree, debate, and argue to our heart's content.

My take is it is reasonable for the OP to ask that the topic remain as intended. Mine here was to illicit the outcomes they felt were measurable for coaching success without being challenged as to what they felt.
Again we have our own opinions on matters. I just asked for individuals for their outcomes they were looking for.
But as you will.

slant: Looked you up on the members list and, recognizing you are a new member, I'd like to welcome you aboard the good ship Alouettes. Your posts here are welcome. There has to be some positive feelings here as we have an excellent defense! The passing component of the offense has been horrible. The offense must increase its time of possession, otherwise the defense gets tired out which created the miserable fourth quarter endured last week. Ola, Matte and Whitaker can be game changers for the balance of the season and, if AC and the receivers step up, the team would be successful if it reaches a semi final game- with some luck, this semi final might even be at the Big O, should Hamilton and Wpeg continue their woeful outings to date. The Argos represent the strength of the East as they just demonstrated. Will Coach Miller be able, by calling the plays, motivate Calvillo and the receivers to update what they they are capable of achieving?

And the Als have some Big games coming up. Will be a tough road ahead. 9-9 or close to that point would be nice at this point.