outcome of games in CFL, decided by refs....

The Montreal-Winnipeg match-up was a complete joke. CFL refs should not be able to decide the outcome of a game as the case on Saturday. The Al's first two touchdowns were all the refs. The Al's marched down field without completing a play, due to one sided, shady reffing. I don't care what team you cheer for, if you watched the game you can't argue the fact. It has also happened to the tabbies and the Eskies this season.

What a joke to this league to have a huge match-up for first place be decided by a in the pocket rookie ref, working for the leagues franchise team. That was the bottom line. The Al's offence did nothing in that game and their D was as dirty as Larry Flints mind.... Call me a suck if you want, but if you watched the game you can't say I'm wrong....

keep beating the dead horse whiner

When will the crying stop? They lost not because of the ref's they lost because a good football team beat a team unprepared to win! :lol:

Outcome of many games in every league is decided by the refs, period.

I don't want to keep beating you eager, smears when you hit it.... :wink:

The final score was 44-16
Wpg scored 1 point in the second half....
a point that they didn't even want to score. Blaming the refs is ridiculous

Excuses are for losers!! Refs dont win or lose games, sure they can make some bad calls ( or a lot like Sat ) But what about the Interception that Glenn threw? Or the fumble that Stegal had? If Winnipeg scores on those drives then guess what? Its a bit closer, now add in 6 extra completions that should of been made ( or is that the refs fault? ) maybe another TD out of that drive and POOF! Bombers down by 7 if not in the lead... So, you can blame the refs all you want but the refs didnt cause an interception, a fumble, and 15 imcomplete passes! Grow the F'CK up and move on!! And your STUPID comment about a "huge match up" Its 5 games into the season, 13 more to go and they are 1 win behind!

Now, the question is.. Did YOU watch the game on Saturday? Cause if you did then YOU would realize that the refs didnt cause the loss, the Bombers did!

people, it's been 48 hours now, please just let it go and e-mail Black if your upset.

it's about time we all turned or attention to next week, or other things.

But its better than looking at your own team.

Notice how the good Bomber posters arn't using it as an excuse. Notice how Papa and Piggy and a few of the other good Bomber fans are not trashing the Refs,

its time to let it go we cant win every game we just pretend it never happend and bring on the esks

Take a look at the end game stats and then tell me the game wasn't decided by the refs.

When you look at the final score, then you look at the passing,rushing stats for both teams..there is clearly something wrong..

When team A has more rushing,passing yards then team B, but team A gets blown out of the water...Theres something wrong..

If you had eyes, the whole game...ive never counted so many 2 and outs in 1 game. Montreal couldn't do shit, the only time they did was when there were penalties being called left right and center.

Your completely ignorant to think the refs didn't have a HUGE influence on this game.

Im not saying the Bombers would have won or not if it was fair reffing, im simply stating that your a complete moron if you think the reffing didn't have a huge impact if not called the game...

So now we have to look at the stats of a game to see who was the winner?

Only the teams with most offensive yardage, pass completions, fewest turnovers etc ever win football games?

I guess I'm a complete moron, then. Officiating did not have huge impact on game --- nor was it why Bummers lost.

Look the Als pulled of an onside kick and recovered the bal on Wpg 10
Wpg fumbled a punt on their own 6 and Mtl
scored again!!!

Thats 14 points on 16yards offence!!!
They could recieve a punt on Wpg 40 gain 10 yards and score Field goal

That makes the score 17-16 on 26 total yards of offence

You can march 90 yards on a drive only to turn the ball over and get zip!!!

The game is won on points not yards

Ya, but not when teams get blown out...

Name 1 other high scoring game that ended in a blowout, where the winning team had less total offensive yards in the CFL or NFL history.

Thanks for coming out!

.....so if I go find that one game you'll quit whining?....

yup, good luck finding one because its non existent.

You do realize that by posting such a ridiculous question, you’re setting yourself up for all kinds of grief.

Of course there have been such instances in CFL and I’m sure there are people checking the record manuals or their memory banks to prove you wrong.

June 17th Calgary 24 over Edmonton 14

Calgary yards 375
Edmonton yards 399

......that wasn't even hard.....please go have a nap now......

Here we go I guess only Bomber fans are not morons or ignorant! Because many other fans have a differetn opinion the name calling comes out!How long have you followed football my guess is you have not be a fan long enough to be mature to understand losses or the role of ref's. Because if you were you then would understand ref's do not come to a game and say Hey that's screw over the Bombers get reall. The only moron is the guy in the reflection of your monitor.
Players get penalities because guess what they broke the rules. The ref flagged them for it gow up and become a good bomber fan such as pappa, Hankthetank and piggy. You could learn!