Lets give credit where credit is due. Not only did the Wpg. players out-play our guys, but the Wpg. coaching staff was light years ahead with their game plan and preparation. Did anyone detect a semblance of a game plan ( perhaps VANILLA ? ) from our side? Or didnt these Wpg. guys understand that WE are the NEW force in the EAST , and submit accordingly ?
Fingers can be justifiably pointed at different players, but WHO put these guys on the field ? When the wheels start to come off, WHO is responsible for adjustments and replacements?
The Bombers could have come unglued after that opening TD return, but it was our team that was just show and no go after that. No excuses...50 pts. and 500 yds.( near enough) of offence against . By a team that wasn`t supposed to be our equal talent-wise, but certainly had their heads more in the game than us.
And that goes for everyone.

I've been saying it for the last year. Our major problem with coaching is our OC. For some reason, last year, we stopped running the ball after labour day. On Friday, we were trying to throw all game.

Our playbook has been exactly the same since Paopao.

Well to me, to the TSN talking heads, and to just about everyone watching, it was pretty clear by the second quarter that Rottier on his own could not handle Philip Hunt.

Was not the right move then to sit him on the bench, send someone else in (I know, I know, Ramsay wasn't up to speed on the playbook, but could he possibly have done any worse?), or adjust the formation to give him some (much-needed) help, as in lining up a tight end on his side or bringing in a back to help him out?

Home field is a huge advantage for any team considering there were 26,000 fans supporting their team. I believe the OLine was or are in trouble when Jinneiz went down. The problem after that is a reliable back up who can step in a replace the injured player. Rottier is a big kid who will in time perform very well.

The problem I see and numerous other fans is - the game plan was poor at best. Throwing to Arlan Bruce when a rookie DB covered him like glue has to tell you something. An alternate plan should have been used after Hunt left Rottier looking for his jock strap after most plays. Most teams find a way to defeat the "plan" by using alternate plays - formations - stunts and thinking on the fly. Did you notice Winnipeg used a layered pass pattern. Alot of misdirection and just alot of bull rushing from the DLine. If this team thinks they will advance from last years performance by having such a flimsy game plan, good luck because you are absolutley nuts.

Good teams win on the road, if we can’t do that then it’s going to be a 9-9 season.
Outcoached, outplayed, over confidence. Yes Rottier couldn’t handle it, but our Defence couldn’t handle it either.
We are stuck with guys like Rottier because of the Canadian ratio, the OL is a Canadian position and just not enough Canadian OL out there.
The team just under estimated Winnipeg, so did all the Ticat fans - just go back and look at the “prediction” thread. Winnipeg is supposed to be the worst team in the East with a bad QB!!

Winnipeg was good team last year with a very poor QB (Bishop) and a coach who is a nut bar. Winnipeg has always found quality players who perform well when properly coached. The Tiger Cats need to forget this game real quick and move on and come up with a sound game plan for Calgary and move Rottier - Shivers - Beverage to the pines............ Someone else needs to step up.

Our Ticats were definitely out coached! To make matters worse, Rottiier is NOT ready to play, (as pointed out)
James couldn't catch the ball with a butterfly net and one other dreadful aspect that you guys who posted ahead of me
didn't mention, Shivvers absolutely stunk the place out. He was getting beat, deked out and undressed all night.

49 Points were scored against our defense. What does that tell us?

I think these guys, coaches included, have spent too much time reading their own press clippings of late.

Forget about your invincibility, boys, and start playing (teaching) football.

Things are bad enough already in this town without the football team being a "screw up" too!