Outage and forums

Due to overwhelming traffic the forums were disbled for a period of time. The CFL appologizes for the inconvenience.


that means a lot of interest in the cfl. that's awesome

Is there like some way to gauge how many ppl were here? It would be neat to have seen the #

No problem at all. Things are actually surprisingly quiet. Maybe the forum should be disabled after big games more often. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rumblings I've heard (via a credible source) say that we had over 7000 viewers at one point...

My outrage is quickly dissipating. Thanks for getting things going again so quickly!


Exactly! A happy problem.

And as usual, the CFL blows it!


I was a little worried, I must say, that the VGCC would be hurt by this. Glad it's all back up now, though, and everything is back to normal.

Dont forget SSK just won, Those people were prob SSK fans looking for a poll! :lol:

Thank you for the happy problem. It shows support for the CFL.