Out with West. In with Dorsey

Brandon West was supposed to have the inside track at RB in 2012. One problem along came Korey Sheets. West was shaky at best in kick off returns.
Dorsey on the other hand has played his time in the NFL and I am pretty sure he has hit every players goal of getting eligible for the NFL pension. Dorsey in his time in the NFL was a special teams stud. Once his price tag went up due to years of NFL service out he went and in with a younger rookie special teamer 3rd team RB.
Then came the UFL filled with Dorsey players and here he showed that he can be a starting RB at the pro level. Coming to the CFL if you are going to be able to make a roster as a back up Import RB you need to be able to play special teams as well as fill in if needed do to injury.
Dorsey can do it all and even played the 2012 UFL season for free to prove it. The Riders know they have a guy with multiple skills who just loves to play football. What more could they ask for.

[url=http://www.riderville.com/article/riders-add-special-teams-assistant]http://www.riderville.com/article/rider ... -assistant[/url]

I agree with all that was said in the post above.
Speaking of Special Teams the Riders have hired Cory McDiarmid; has lots of knowledge as well. Link above

This comes a no surprise, with Sheets and Sanders and all the other new guys on the team, West was just the odd man out. Feel for the guy but it was his to lose. I wish him the best but this was the right move for the Riders.

I am sure a few recall my rants on West over the past couple of years. Jock Sanders is now listed as a RB instead or SB. Kiss the few touches West ever got goodbye. That is a scary combo...no club knew what to do with both of them in there....then Sanders was injured.

West was brought in as a return specialist and backup RB. They lost faith in his returning a couple years ago when he fumbled multiple kicks, and 2 in one game. They were forced to put Dressler back there, and Jackson. Jackson made a big return, then was on the field right away covering, was taken deep and pulled a ham string, which plagued him the rest of the season. At the time Jackson was the best DB on the club.

I can not find any good reason that Sheets or Dressler should ever be returning a kick, other than perhaps late in a game when it is close...yet we see them returning kicks. I do not understand how West has remained with the club this long. I will admit, he does a very nice job to the flats as a RB, and filled in admirably late last season. That said, either get someone who falls in line with Sheets/Sanders skill set, or get a bruising RB that can come in a batter people up the gut. West meets none of these needs.

I am shocked it took this long to make a move. I am not saying West can't play...I just don't see how he fits the club.

The little bit I have seen of Dorsey I have liked. I think that he will mix with Sheets nicely. He is very agile and has great vision. He lacks breakaway acceleration, the ability to run through people. He does appear to have pretty good hands, something a lot of RBs struggle with (receiving), which is a massive perk in the Canadian game.

Through the NFL having to be very versatile in being a 3rd RB needed to play all specials and be a good receiver and blocker and then got to the UFL Where he was able to be more of an everydown or part of a 1-2 back system enambeled him to hone his true RB skills at a higher level. Remember in the beginning of the UFL the first and particularly the 2010 the YFL was pretty loaded with former NFL players who were late cuts who played 3 or so years in the NFL but had exhausted options and had no Practice roster eligibility left. This is what the UFL was formed for the tweener guys to be able to play and stay in shape for about half the NFL season and be able to come in during the second half of the season ready to go in football game shape. Dorsey and the ALs Domic Rhodes were perfect examples of such players. Rhodes did get back to the NFL in a late season call up. Dorsey did not but did show enough to get a futures contract.
The CFL has alredy swept up a lot of the top UFL players in this category and Dorsey and Rhodes are a continuation of such players.
They have ther NFL pensions and are in the CFL to play some football and get paid to do so as long as there body will allow them. This is what makes a good import player successful

yeah well...like i said, he still lacks breakaway acceleration and the ability to run through a hit...something that has made guys like Sheets, Cates, Pringle, cornish, etc great...they can/could lower a shoulder.

Like Is said, he compliments the existing duo well, and I have been impressed from what I have seen...but those are his weak points.

not really sure why you quoted me with that response.

Just a wrong hit of the button it was not meant to be a quote but a post. just was in a hurry in between classes at school. LOL