Out with Mardi Gras, in with TOGA, TOGA!

Well, according to the citizen, the team will be launching a toga theme for the next home game on the 8th. They say there will still be prizes and the participants will still have to collect to win the prize, but he won't say what they'll collect.
Guess we'll see if this pisses off city hall....

[url=http://www.canada.com/sports/football/cfl/renegades/story.html?id=e0f41fd5-5c34-4ed5-a920-5ca39914044a]http://www.canada.com/sports/football/c ... a39914044a[/url]

I think it'll be fine. A good alternative to Mardi Gras, which really was overtly offensive and immature.

Now we just need to figure out how to get fans to tailgate legally. How 'bout if The Beer Store/LCBO has an area fenced off in the parking lot? Would people be able to bring in, say, maximum 4 beers apiece? Or maybe just buy their booze at a more reasonable price outside the stadium? I'm sure Aramark would have something to say about that.

Anyway, hope the city and the team can come of with something.

Go Gades Go!

Even if city council had not whined about the Mardi Gras promotion, it would not have been in good taste to continue it given the Katrina destruction recently.