Out with a Bang?

30 minutes from the Big Bang Theory finale. Ratings will no doubt have it going out with a ratings bang - but what about the story line. Will it go out on a high or more a flop like most viewed the Seinfeld finale.

The show per capita wise has been more popular in Canada than the USA - often dominating the ratings here in Canada. This year it along with its spin-off Young Sheldon are almost always 1, 2 in Numeris ratings when they have new episodes routinely attracting over 3 million viewers up here.

I’m going into tonight having missed the last few new episodes though - but I’ve likely seen every other seasons episodes multiple times. A long time personal favourite of all programs on network TV.

I promise no spoilers for those watching on the west coast.

Well did the ending satisfy you TP? I’m not a regular watcher so do not have that much of an opinion other than it seemed a bit of a safe ending.

Haven’t watched the past two years, but did watch some parts including the ending which was lame.

Nothing too over the top for the finale but appropriate it was all about the friendships of the main characters.

The last scene did get me thinking though - how much do you think the Bare Naked Ladies have made from their theme song for the show?

Preliminary ratings 4.33 million on CTV and 18.52 million on CBS.

One of those shows that has mass appeal . One of those shows that stayed too long even though it was a gem ratings due to zero competition on the tube .

One of those shows you can watch with anyone any age with little political pull though swings slightly left its a gentle steer .

Very affable writing and keeps the world’s troubles behind it to escape where everyone wants to be when sitting down to cast your mind from todays problems .

Saying that the show should have ended if they were going to marry off certain characters who look like life long bachelors whether due to their demeanour or because of the premise they were awkward nerds ( why mess with success ).

Wolowitz and Sheldon should never had been married this must have been done for the women who like to see someone for everyone theory . It made some of the show lose its luster as it gave way too many speaking lines to Bernadette and Amy ; But this is for those women who watch the Batchelor and think roses and puppies 24 hrs a day .

Anyways enjoyed the show just wish the last few years it provided those better laughs when the core group didn’t stray from their characters so far especially crazy Sheldon .

cant say I have every given much thought to the big bang theory.

The Young Sheldon season finale which aired right after this tied into it nicley, especially the montague which ended the show.

Overall, a clean ending to the series, Nothing over the top. Agreed it was time to end it. This series will age well with time.

I think they made a mistake with the montage. It had already been established that Leonard was significantly older than Penny (in the episode with the Fun With Flags Valentine’s Day special IIRC).

I would disagree to some extent. Shows that don’t evolve become tiresome, and Amy in particular got some good material (especially early on). I think Melissa Rauch is talented, but the writers never did come up with a way to make Bernadette consistently funny. I did love her in The Re-Entry Minimilization, when she tried to rally for her honeymoon with Howard despite being quite ill.

I t should have ended earlier I liked the premise not the evolution . Different tastes I guess . I like the base of the show’s premise and there is plenty of nothing out there as Seinfeld and Curb your enthusiasm showed . You don’t need to marry or have babies with everybody when the characters are inept socially it betrays the humour of these guys traits . Seinfeld left as the number one show but it had exhausted Jerry Seinfeld as he was not just an actor he made the show all year round . No marriages and no babies .

I hated Amy’s character couldn’t stand anything about her and just hated the woman’s dynamics all together . But the women’s audience ratings strength provided it with huge ratings .

No way Wolowitz with his perv character and Sheldon with no social skills should have girlfriends . It was so much better with them as coping with life as single moma boys .

Now Raj who was kind of left out should have been married off first it made sense .
Culturally and his softness for women made that transition practical and would have carried a few stories if they needed to marry anybody off .

Soon as Penny and Leonard moved in together the show died but with nothing on the tube comparable to watch it held its own against no competition .

I just assumed that Bernadette was as much of a perv as Howard, but just hid it (in my imagination at least). :slight_smile:

Ha ha yep kinda got that feeling she was more than a match that way :).

I watch very little network Tv but I did love the show. Felt it had jumped the shark a few years ago.
Seems that when a show starts hitching up all of its characters it’s a sign that the writers have run out of ideas. Just like That 70s show.

Having said that, did enjoy the ending. A good way to go out with Sheldon giving credit to others on a large stage.

Hopefully Kaley Cuoco won’t be missing from my screen too long.

That’s funny Pat. Thought the same thing.