Out-schemed at the half

This used to be a problem up to about 2009. No matter how close we hung in against teams, at the half the other team's coaches were always outscheming and outadjusting the ticat coaching staff. And then we would go on to be outplayed in the second half.
In the past two seasons, we seemed to have rectified that issue. We might not have liked the overall offensive (dink and dunk, curl and hitch) and defence (too vanilla, not enough aggro) schemes, but we always adjusted well at the half.
This year, not so much. So far.
It's early in the year, and it's not too late to turn it around.
But it's not enough for our rookie offensive and defensive co-ordinators to have a good game plan going in (and I'm not even sure of that) but it's absolutely imperative that the ticats make the adjustments at the half that can make the difference.
Our coaches have to outcoach the other team's coaches in their halftime adjustments.
This is crucial, and it's not happening.
Yet ...

Someone needs to explain to me what "better is better" means. I never could understand it as it should say.......... " better is when we actually are better" :wink:

Here are some of the problems, at least that I see with the team. Armchair coaching at it's finest :wink:

  1. Stop Man to Man Defence - Man to Man Defence only works well when your secondary tends to be stronger then the opposing team's receiving core. I don't think anyone on this forum would say we have the best DBs in the league, and I wouldn't say Shivers is proven talent either. Sure we are stopping their run dead in it's tracks, but given just how much we are blitzing (and showing blitz) it's becoming predictable. The front seven are doing an amazing job, but the DBs need help. Go back to zone.

  2. Stop the droppsies - Only a very small portion of this issue is Kevin Glenn's fault. KG sometimes overthrows, and sometimes he under-throws but for the most part, the ball is where it needs to be. Bruce needs to get past his mental block, Mann (while he performed very well against Winnipeg) needs to step up and show he will be succeeding Arland Bruce, and Stala...well as much as I love Dave Stala age may be rearing it's ugly head after this season or the next. You had a guy who performed amazingly well in the pre-season in Bakari Grant, but instead you go with Aaron Kelly had an average showing, and the when gets injured, you give is position to Chris Williams who had one impressive special teams return during the pre-season.

  3. Bad Turnovers - This falls squarely on Kevin Glenn's shoulders as there have been a couple of interceptions where I was asking "Who the heck were you throwing to?". His O.Line is giving him a lot of time to work with, but he's not delivering. Now I don't know if this is because Khari Jones is managing the whole offense and we don't have an exclusive QB coach anymore, but it's an issue.

These tend to amount to coaching issues, which given a young staff I suppose isn't entirely surprising. I'm beginning to get the feeling, given how many players have been having after game media issues, which are then turning into "No, nothing is wrong" that there is a lack of respect between the staff and players, and a lack of intensity going on in training. Of course it's easy for me to type this up, given my butt isn't on the line as it is with these coaching. I say give the staff until week 5 or 6, if they still haven't produced, I think a shakeup may be needed.

I means better individual individual make a better team, which is true when the coaches can tie everything together and are typically able to do so.

I invoke a higher authority - Miss Piggy: "Less is not more! More is more!"

After two 500 Seasons and Major Changes to Almost Everything what did you Expect a Grey Cup..

Marcel Bellefeuille Has to go !!!

[quote="Onknight"]After two 500 Seasons and Major Changes to Almost Everything what did you Expect a Grey Cup..

I expected at least to beat two of the lower end teams the first two weeks with all the hype the players were talking about it. A guess a little humble pie doesn't hurt, it should make them a stronger team with all the adversity. :wink: Hungrier like a starved tiger :expressionless:

maybe we could keep to the topic ... that would be good.
by the way, i think better is better means this:
no matter whatever, whoever etc etc etc: does this guy make you better, regardless of any other consideration.
if he makes you better, you do it.
better is better. it's simple.
now back to the topic...

I beg to differ with ticatguy suggesting that this problem was “rectified over the past couple of seasons.” Last year, the Cats played 19 games (included the playoff) and while the were ahead in 11 and tied in 2 at half-time, they managed to lose 10.

The Tiger Cats have been outcoached and out-schemed since 2000. I can not think of any game situation where they fixed a problem on the fly after the GC win. I don't believe the Tiger Cats have any spotters watching the games. If they did, just imagine what they could resolve. It is what it is until simething changes.