Out Of Towners At Lions Games

If any fans go to Vancouver for a trip to take in a Lions game, take my advice.

Take in the Stadium Tour. :thup:

I always wanted to but never was there when they had them ( Wed's ).

This week, because the game was on a Thur, they had the tour on the Fri.

That is because the Lions needed the field for game prep.

The tour is $ 20 and about 45 min.

For me the game sucked, but the tour was well worth it.

Get to go in the press box, onto the field and see the locker rooms. ( Lions and Whitecaps )

On this day , they were converting the field from the CFL to MLS.

Takes about 8 hrs. Including the stands re-seating , and changing over the stadium from orange and black to double blue.

I was hoping to see the Felions locker room, but it is not part of the tour. :wink:

Just saying that how often do you get a chance to go into a CFL stadium ?
Also, the tour ticket gets you into the Sports Hall Of Fame.

Because this has nothing to do with the Lions - Argos.

This is about a tour of the stadium.

Regardless of what teams are playing.

Please focus and keep up.

Well said I'll give it a shot next home game. :thup:

Did you see Wally Buono's pasta and sausage kitchen? :smiley: