Out of towner

I'm planning a trip out to Ontario (from Alberta) for the August long weekend and taking in both the Cats game on Friday and the Blue game on Saturday. Looking at tickets for the Ticat game, and just wondering which side of the stadium the home bench is on - north or south? Based on ticketmaster, the "best available" are SEC5 row 24 (bronze seating) or SEC6 row 26 (silver seating) ... decent seats?

Both benches are on the north side. 24 and 26 are both on the south side. No such thing as abad seat at IWS.

I sit in Section 6 Row 25, and they are awesome seats.

We've had those tickets for years now and I could never see us changing them.

Seating chart: http://www.ticats.ca/page/tickets_seatingchart

hmm... so I guess it just comes down to me and my buddy deciding if we want to pay $50 or $60.

BTW, if you guys see and Eskimo jersey at that game with #7, Sandusky thats me - hence "SandmanFan". Though I'm and Esks fan first, I'll be cheering for the Ticats over the Lions and Bombers over the A****.

Don't believe it. Just beware that all of the seats at IWS are "bench seats" either wood or metal, unlike most other stadiums that have individual seats in a lot of sections. IWS has no individual seats.
I've been at games when someone in the row decides that they want to squeeze their buddy into the seat beside them, they slide down and someone is sitting on your lap or squeezed against you.

I would say "ALL SEATS AT IWS ARE BAD" But the site lines are good though.

Just a warning

So, I thought about it - and finally realized it when I checked this topic. You were sitting right behind me for the game.

So you cant share a seat to watch some good football? What kind of fan are.
This stadium is classic and vintage and pretty sure we all enojy it with cheap tickets and good views.
I sit in section 25 they are right at the 40 yrd line and a great view, i suggest 55$ Silva tics.