Out of respect for Gades fans

I've seen this done on other sites today, and thought it would be a classy thing to do to carry it over to this site. I am proposing that, in light of the current situation of the Gades in the 2006 season, all talk of the pending dispersal draft be put on hold for the next day or so. I believe this is the least we could do to show respect to Gades fans. Let's let this sink in a bit before we go dishing out players, shall we?

Good call, jm. I agree.

I agree as well.

.......why?.......because your City couldn't support a team?......twice?.....I sympathize with your anguish Gades, but your comments are insulting.........begone in your own misery if this is all you can contribute to this forum at this point....

Easy for you to say. Shut up, RedandWhite.

I think it is easy for him to say because he supported his team when they sucked (the '80's and the '00's, and that level of sucking is nothing to sneeze at either).

.......we sucked bad.......real bad.........and still bought our tickets, so, to quote my nine year old neice........you shut up ORR!.......

ahh the good old days, when whipping the stamps in the labour day game was as much of a given as making the playoffs...thanks for the trip down mem lane!

I'm excluded from this rule since I have no respect for the "fans" of Ottawa ...

Bombers call dib's on Joseph!!!


Sorry statik already called dibs on Joseph awhile back.

i dont care bout him..i want kory banks.

It's because of remarks like this that I will no longer show undue respect for the Renegades or their fans.

For the past few weeks, I've been holding back in my posts, trying to convince the Ottawa fans that I give a damn. I did so because I empathized with them in their situation, and would have wanted others to do the same if it were my team that was about to be euthanized. But I'm tired of walking on egg shells for fear of offending the fans of a dormant team, who have taken every opportunity to take jabs at my team and my league.

The gloves are off.

Actually, according to an article in the Toronto Star today, the Ti-Cats have first pick in the dispersal draft. So Joseph might not be going to the Bombers after all. The article also goes on to speculate that if the Tabbies pick him (instead of Armstead), he might be part of a sign and trade to the Riders. (sorry jm, had to put StatiK in his place)

But who would we get from the Riders that would be better than Armstead? Would they be willing to give up Holmes and Dominguez?

I meant if the Ti-Cats picked Joseph, they might sign and trade him to Sask., not Armstead.

I feel for fans like Supersmith and his son, But I have to agree with Statik and Big Dave, the Majority don't give a hoot.


I could see the Riders and Ti-cats switching spots, with the Riders giving maybe a college draft pick or something of that nature up to ove up the two spots and have the Ti-cats move down.

which would probably leave the Ticats getting armstead anyways

...I hope the Bombers forget about Joseph...and go after Corey Banks....I have a hunch Hamilton will go after Armstead or Joseph...the latter just as trade bait with Sask...whatever happens you can be sure both Winnipeg and Hamilton are well informed of the talent that was on the Rens roster as both clubs now have former coaches of theirs now working for them....HAM & WPG.... will definitely be up-graded...but what a terrible way to get there...THE CFL GOES ON... :arrow:

I love how a thread about not talking about the dispersal draft ends up being a thread about the dispersal draft [/sarcasm].