Out-of-province fans

I am curious to know where Riders fans who are members of this forum hang out. I have lived in 5 different provinces but currently live in la belle province of Québec, in a small centre a couple hours east of Québec City (it's a long story!!).

There are over 8,600 registered members in this forum, of which it would not surprise me that over 20% are Riders fans. Of them, a significant minority are probably out of province. Even if you don't post often or at all, get your password dusted off and let us know where you hang out!! So I expect to see posts in the hundreds. Let's get at it!!

Born in Regina, I’ve been in Calgary since 91.

Born in Newmarket Ontario, currently in Cambridge, Ontario. Lived all over, from St. John's to Winnipeg and a dozen towns in between. Riders fan since 2002.

I actually live in Alberta. 100% Saskatchewan born though.


Lunenburg, NS. Born just outside Regina. Lived in S’toon for 5 years while going to school. Did time in Calgary, and then bounced here. I must say that it is tough being up to 3am often to watch games.

I have seen one rider hat here. But most people don’t know anything about the CFL, and it gets very little media coverage. People who are football fans are generally CIS and NFL.


Just like it says, Regina.

Raised in Regina, former season ticket holder 1982-83.
Left Sask in 84 - still a big fan.
Now reside in the BC interior. Lot's of Rider fans in BC!!

Born and raised near Yorkton, now reside south of Winnipeg, near the town of Vita...9 miles north of the Yankee border. Rider fans are HATED in this province, as evidence by the "Inbred" jokes regarding the Banjo Bowl!

I am from Saskatchewan, but currently working in Tanzania, Africa. I have met 2 guys from Alberta over here who are rider fans also! I will be staying up until about 1:00am to watch the game online.

Born in Alberta (both parents from Saskatchewan). Raised in Estevan. Educated in Saskatoon. Living in Sherbrooke, QC. No one here knows what the CFL is, but they love NFL football and CIS.

Born in Saskatchewan living in Viking Alberta

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Born in Regina in 85
Moved out to Victoria in 96