Out of Playoffs contention

The last week was a killer for the Virtual Grey Cup Challenge.

Out of the 112 participants, 63 (or 56.3%) are now officially out of playoffs contention. All poolers ranked in 50th place or under have mathematically no chance of clinching one of the eight playoffs berths.

This week also means do or die for Eski-Moses and ESKKIIMOOSSSS!!!. Starting from now on, they need to be flawless to keep their hopes alive. Any wrong pick will send them to the pool grave.

As well, Brewbomber can make no more than one wrong pick, and hellothere and Chronicguy, no more than two... and that's given that no one in the first 8 places make any right pick from here on.

Still 49 participants in the race, and 8 berths available. Who will be the next 41 eliminated ?

.....you, you bum, made up a 3-1 weekend to vault.......VAULT yourself to the ranks of the worthy....... :smiley: ......almost a christmas present eh?.....

Success in the CFL is about peaking at the right time. I like being on the upswing heading into the playoffs.

By the way, you and I both sit just out of it. Damn aggregate spread. I will have to gain a clear rank of my own, because being tied with a 284 spread will get me ousted.

.......actually, I think you and I are just IN it, barely, the higher the aggregate spread the better, I'm in ninth and you're in tenth....Fooks is just barely out....

BigDave will take the first 8 participants only, using the aggregate spread as a tie-breaker. If you are 9th and I am 10th, we'll suffer the same fate as that 112th guy who hasn't made one correct pick all year (although will suffer with our heads high and our pride almost intact, whereas he will silently and shamely cry while chewing he plss-soaked rags in the sewers... )

........oh, my bad, I thought it was the first 10 participants......time to get serious I guess.......9th place means I'm the first loser.......yikes......

oh i didnt knew there was playoff coming .... Did i feel the pressure building up ? hehehe

…maybe 9th and 10th spot could be, like, Wildcard spots…c’mon BigDave, institute the Wildcard option…

I think rank 7th and 8th already are some kind of wildcards, because last year I finished 8th and wasn't in the playoffs. Only the top four were, because you had to be within 3 games of the 1st ranked participant to get in. Bamboo won the VGCC even before the Grey Cup game was even played because he still had a 2 games lead on #2 Saskargo when there was only the big game left.

Well, the pressure is now on you. Because if R&W or me don’t make the playoffs, it’ll be called “falling short”. If you don’t make the playoffs, it will be called “collapsing under the pressure”. And next year, everyone will refer to you as the choker. I wouldn’t want to be you ! Didn’t you know it is lonely at the top? :stuck_out_tongue:

9th and 10 would not be wild card, they would be 9th and 10th.

However 3 of the top 8 did not pick all the games(nearly but not all)
I think that concideration should be given to to those who picked all games.
But that is up to Dave.

Disagree with you Ro. If we were listed by %, I'd agree, but since the number of good picks is the measure, you already are at a disadvantage if you don't pick in all game. So guys like Billy Soup deserve huge credit to be this high while missing a few weeks.

I have no chace and I don't care, as long as I go over .500, I'll be satisfied. and I totally called the game of the year for the Bombers, so all in all, been a good season, thus far.

Besides, my game plan this season prevented me form beaning top dog.

Of course... your gameplan implied picking the Bombers week in and week out... can't aim for the top and pick the Bombers at the same time... those are conflictual goals.

I didn't pick the Bombers when they played Montreal (and I should have becase they won :oops: ) and I'm not picking the Bombers to win agaist BC in BC place.

No, I'm talking abou picking teams by using my rank the teams list and by the facts, the resuit is I'm very close to .500.

LOL mate ! You sure know how to put pressure :lol:

You’re right I did not realize it was strictly wins

Thanks 3rd.
I don’t know about the rest of you, but this pool has made this season a heck of a lot more enjoyable then previous years. It just gets me more involved with every game. previously I could have cared less who won between Toronto and Hamilton, now I do.

Hopefully I can reverse my fortunes from last week and get back up above 70% again. I was on like a 6 week streak of 3-1, really moved me up in the rankings.

A big thanks to Big Dave
Good luck to all