Out of body and mind

I am a 25 year fan and through all the down seasons and thus games, this actually is the lowest I have ever felt about my beloved Team. As I look at my basement walls lined with pictures and banners, I ask, how can the team let this happen.

Jason Maas - I am sure is a good guy, but as a QB, the worse I have ever seen in my existance, based on his potential or scouted potential.

If Maas plays one more down, every coach, manager and ever Bob himself should be forced out of this league. Maas needs to take every penny he has earned this year, minus those needed to feed his family, and give it to his teammates, with a larger portion to the defence, the O Line, Holmes and Flick. He needs to go back to his hometown, finish his education and find another career.

Wow, perhaps the worse scouting error in the history of the CFL. I am besides myself and too upset to continue.

I am noticing gradual improvement in Maas every game since Joe P was let go.

Gradual Improvement??? Your joking right??
Please tell us you are joking??

You are wrong Defense Rules What you are seeing is a better game plan & better Execution. However Mass Cannot throw deep !!!!!!!!!!!