out number the Argo fans in TO

Was I the only one to notice the lack of Argo fans at the game on Monday...it was a little sad ...they were conspicuous in there silence...now...can we out number them in there own convertible barn???

Ill be there!

Oskee - Wee - Wee!

416-341-ARGO for tickets. I believe ticat fans can get discounted tickets.

Picked up 2 Gold level tickets for 70 bucks on Craigslist this week, so me and my dad will be going, big cats fan here, he is undecided on a team...time to convince him otherwise!

i dono if we can out number them on friday but i do think we will have a ton of people there. I plan on going with my buddy and we will be making some noise.

LETS GET LOUD !!!!!!!!!

I am going with Two Friends.. :thup:
This Game will give us the lead in The Ballard Cup..
Also The Sweep would almost Killed there chance at the playoffs
Can't get better then that

Can't make this game but just got my tickets for the game in Montreal on the 18th of October.

Bunch of us are going down.

Remember to take in the boxing match -- includes at least one Hammertown fighter (and sparring partner of yours truly).
I believe its outside Gate 11.

Will post if I find more details...should be a fun prelim to the boot-stompin' we give the blue boys.

Three of us going. Trying to get two more, but they're waffling.


Do what we do...just roll 'em up in sleeping bags and fire 'em in the car. Don't tell them where you're taking them....they'll be pretty pumped to be going to the game after that.

See you at Joe Badali's after the game, I've reserved a section for Cat fans there.

I already posted this in another thread. It sure would be nice to see a lot of Ticat fans out there tonight!

Free Tickets (only Ticketmaster handling fee of $2.00-2.50/ticket)
There's a link on the Ticketmaster website offering complimentary tickets to the remaining Argo home games--any price level you want (only charging a handling fee of about $2/ticket). http://www.ticketmaster.ca/event/100042BCAF13A61A I've already ordered mine for tonight's game and Oct 23rd. You can pay an extra $1.75 and get the e-ticket to print out right away.

LMFAO …free tickets???/ Lets ALL go then… we’ll definitely outnumber the blew team fans!!!

I guess that's what it's come to for them to get fans into the Sky...errr Rogers Centre.
Someone else tried on the other thread but wasn't successful. I'm still able to click that link and get through no problem.
Here's an alternate link http://www.ticketmaster.ca/event/100042BCAF13A61A?tm_link=tm_shipping_mastersearch
I found it when I tried to enter the 'RIVAL' promo code. There were no seats left so I click on 'search all dates for best available tickets' below the seating chart and the complimentary ticket option appeared. I have already ordered and successfully printed tickets for the remaining home games.

Level 100 is all gone, but there is still level 200 golds left

Let's fill those seats up with Ticats fans!!!!