Out coached again!

Good explanation of what Charlie meant when he said
he didn't want 'a revolving door' this season, Sig

Now - if the talent isn't there, then Obie and Rambo (everybody forgets about him) have some 'splainin to do...
The major holes unfilled at Training Camp were at the defensive tackle positions.

no 'splainin needed about the wonderful slew of receivers

Obie and staff entirely re-built the defensive backfield.

Little splainin needed about those fellas.

Not bad work for a short off season.

Other holes have popped up, sig.
that seem to need attention now.

I am sure Obie, Rambo and staff
will provide some good NFL cuts.

As for the comment

"We have to play..." seems to me
to be a compliment to Montreal.

That's how I read it too, sig, and, as well

our still developing players will make mistakes
as will the weaker players likely to be replaced.

8) mr62cats, you know yourself that Hitchcock and Mike were at the end of their careers when they were released !! Hitch had already lost his safety job the previous year because of his lack of speed, and he was only being used as a back up linebacker !! Are you completely sure also that it was even Charlies decision to get rid of them ?? Remember the GM we had at that time liked to make what he thought were good moves !!!
 Now, you know that I do not fully agree with the basic offensive system that Marcel B is useing here also.  But do you actually think that Obie did not have a say in who was hired as Charlies assistants ?? 

 Come on now, Obie was a lot more familiar with the previous work of both Marcel B and Creehan than Charlie ever was !!  

 Obie would never have allowed the hiring of both of them if he had any doubt regarding their ability to coach effectively in this league !!!

 Do you think that Obie would have put his own neck on the line if he thought they were both incapable of doing a decent job ???           <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

The only spots that Obie didn't recruit a huge number of players was the offensive line(Thomas, 1 or 2 on PR), defensive line(D.Lewis,M.Lewis,couple on PR).

Our secondary is much better than last year, they're faster and bigger, our receivers are taller, faster, and we've seen what theyve done and can do.

When the dline wasn't doing good enough, Obie brought in Terrance Patrick who has done a good job so far. I have no doubt he and the scouting team will bring in a number of Oline and Dline recruits to strengthen that spot on our team if they continue to under perform.

I hope you are right otherwise this team is toast without an effective pass rush and protection for our QBs.