Out coached again!

The team is showing signs of improvement but the biggest difference I see this season is we are being out coached every game. Our offense is slow to adjust to obvious blitz situations and our defense is extremely passive. The TSN broadcast team basically calls the blitz and highlights the safety cheating into the line but we don't have a coach watching the game who can spot this and make a adjustment? Our defense is just a mess under Creehan and Taffe needs to address the 3 man rush that is so ineffective. Special teams have been average until last night and it was almost comical watching the coach run around confused looking like he just finished 10 red bulls. Other than the Argo game we have been out coached in every game. Hats off to Williams for a fine effort in relief of Printers. This guy is a class act and a great back up.

John Denver sang it best.
“Country Roads…”

The lyrics of this song are hereby dedicated to Coach Taafe who has been the biggest heartbreaker for me in this whole sorry 5 year mess.

(If you don’t know the song, check the lyrics. Try the chorus.)

[url=http://www.cowboylyrics.com/lyrics/denver-john/take-me-home-country-roads-11297.html]http://www.cowboylyrics.com/lyrics/denv ... 11297.html[/url]


Watching Charlie coach this team is like watching an infant trying to fit a triangle into the circle hole.

Charlie is not adjusting his system to the talent available to him.

in the spec he took a shot today at obie and the lack of talent. He said this team needs to play near perfect football to have a chance to win, which means........the coaching doesnt matter cus the talent isnt there unless they play perfect. Nice one charlie, enjoy the rest of the summer.

if the triangle is smaller than the circle it should fit.

charlie fits a square peg in a round hole every time he puts his hat on.

Thats funny!

Beetlejuice wrote,

in the spec he took a shot today at obie and the lack of talent. He said this team needs to play near perfect football to have a chance to win, which means........the coaching doesnt matter cus the talent isnt there unless they play perfect. Nice one charlie, enjoy the rest of the summer.


When the coach starts saying things like that publically, his days are numbered.
8) No where in that article does Charlie take a shot a Obie !! This team does indeed need to play near perfect football to win !!
The overall talent is not there, and while Charlie never said it, I will.

Why do you think there has been so many cuts and changes already ?? The talent is not there on the D line or O line !! Simple fact !!

Obie is to blame for a big part of that problem !!!  Quality players were simply never recruited and signed this year !!

OB himself was a later hire. Talent takes time to sniff out, time to recruit, and time to train.

There are so many places with problems, so many past bad decisions, so many issues, that as fans we just can't sort them out. Look- even the management can't seem to sort them out... what chance do we have?


charlie said he didnt want a revolving door so that means he likes the talent. now he said that the team has to play perfect ball to win which means.........they dont have the talent. who is it who finds the talent? charlie didnt blame the coaching, he blamed the talent which is obies job.

Charlie wants to build a TEAM - not a collection of individuals. Keeping (essentially) the same personnel helps to build a TEAM. Now - if the talent isn't there, then Obie and Rambo (everybody forgets about him) have some 'splainin to do...

As for the comment "We have to play..." seems to me to be a compliment to Montreal.

Lots of finger pointing going on. I can hear the frustration, and can certainly understand it.

While I don't think the coaching has been the greatest, I don't know that they are entirely to fault. I thought some of TSNs appraisal was very accurate, particularly the fact that receivers were not helping out the quarterback when the blitz was obviously coming. But I think they were indicating that this is more a case of the inexperienced receivers, not the coaches, and I have to agree. When a blitz is obvious, a receiver needs to go to where the blitz came from, and the QB needs to pass quickly to this spot. This can result in both a huge gain, and also put some doubt in the opposition's defense, which results in fewer blitzes. If you don't adjust, the blitz will just keep coming. Now this to some degree can be blamed on the coach, but ultimately the players must do the right thing when they recognize the formation.

As far as the over use of the 3 man rush by the defense goes, I am not a big fan of it, but I believe it is used to help out our secondary, which is sub par. In this case, I think the coach is making play selections based on the skill that they have to work with. If you want to blitz more often, you have to be confident that the secondary is capable of single man coverage, and I don't think the confidence is currently there. Again this is more about the corners, half backs, and safety being good enough, more than it is the coaching.

Now as far as Taffe taking a shot at OB in the paper goes, I think that may be an over statement. Just because he indicates that the talent level is not good enough, probably a true statement, does not mean he is slagging OB. It takes more than six months to significantly upgrade the talent of a team, and particularly updgrad with CFL experience. I know Charlie wanted continuity, but I think he even understands that you can't have it all costs. If players are not good enough, they need to be replaced.

After 6 games this year, I don't think you can say this team has not improved. In those games, we were blown out 2 times, once on the road after a short week, we blew out a team, and probably played well enough to win in 2 of the others. This team needs to keep upgrading personnel, and keep gaining experience. Once this is done they will start winning on a regular basis. Right now, they appear to at least be a little more competitive.


I agree with this and I believe that some of the issues with this is a receiver is afraid to break off his route because everyone is scared to just play and make sure they do what they are told so they don't lose thier job.

And how is that not the coaches fault?

Teams have been playing the safety around the line and blitzing him like mad for the last few weeks yet there has been no adjustments from the coaching staff.

If the receivers aren't recognizing the blitz then the coaches need to call plays to beat it.

It's not rocket science, just put Rodriguez in the slot and give him basic fly and post routes to run all game which I guarantee will prevent teams from blitzing their safety and allow our ground game to dominate once again.

There is no one in the CFL who can cover Rod on a jump ball and having him run pathetic 5 yard routes all game isn't going to scare or stretch a defence.

If the play calling is more aggressive then it will force teams to roll their coverages up to Rod which will create more room for all the other receivers.

1/3 of the season has passed and the coaching staff still fails to make the necessary adjustments on the fly and most importantly at half time. Did you happen to notice the first play from scrimage in the third quarter? This is what you call coaches or spotters noticing a trend and someone drawing a play to beat the coverage. I ask everyone why can't our coaches make adjustments like the other teams?

Wrong. It was a breakdown in coverage, not some super-adjustment made at half-time. The same type of thing happened on the Watkins TD. Coverage breakdown. No team can give a vet like AC that opportunity and not expect him to exploit it. That kind of thing happens on a team that has many (if not all) new players in a secondary, including a raw rookie.

All the Cats coaches are fighting an up-hill battle. It'll come around, you'll see.

8) Nonsence, you are just putting your thoughts regarding what Charlie said!!
 Charlie made those comments regarding a revolving door when training camp opened, not today !!

 look what we went through last year with new DB's for every game.  It was no more Charlies fault then, then now.  He can only work with what he is given from the scouts and GM who recruited these new players !!

 Why would he blame the coaching for players that are not good enough to compete in this league ??

 You obviously are not going to blame Dan Rambo or Obie for any of the mess, when in reality they are to blame for the majority of these problems .

 Stop putting the wrong words into Charlie's mouth that he obviously did not say.  I also recall Ron Lancaster saying the same thing about this team 2 yrs ago.  We had to play perfect football to win any game !!!

Hate to re-visit old stuff but it was Charlie who got rid of Rob Hitchcock and Mike M. If he is now complaining that he doesn't have the talent yet he only has himself to blame. He should have known he was leaving himself wide open when he cut them loose rather than use them for another year or two. I guess he wanted to make it his team but look how it turned out almost 18 months later. Fer cryin' out loud.....Ritchie Williams was on the practice squad while Chang and Maas were competing with each other to see who was the most ineffective QB. Charlie had no idea that Ritchie Williams had tons more potential.
Obie just got here at the end of last season.....he hasn't done too badly considering the amount of time he has had to get people. And Obie's record in getting talent speaks for itself. His biggest mistake so far has been the decision to keep Charlie.
One of Charlie's problems is that he does not recognize talent. Why else would he allow Zeke to be reigned into position playing by some hair-brained defensive scheme from Creehan. Why would he allow Jesse to carry the ball only 10 times in a game? Where was Caulley last night? Where was Pat Woodcock and all of his experience?
Which brings us to another of Charlie's problems regarding talent. Why did he hire Marcel B and Creehan who's records are, shall we say, less than stellar? And why does he let them continue to make the same mistakes and poor play calling?
We have enough talent on the field. Its the crew on the sidelines where the talent is lacking.


I'm hoping to see Greg Marshall(the other one) in a Tiger-cats golf shirt this time next year, with a much better record.