is the site down ? I can't view it?

yea same here..ive been trying to go to it

smae here, i was just about to come tell people here

Didnt even know about that site, I guess I'll have to register when its back up.

looks like the url has been hijacked.

works fine for me.

looks like colin is changing the site around cause it says the owner needs to upload the site


Yep... Site is down, so I'll be spending more time on here, until ourbombers is back up! :smiley:

Sure enjoyed that site. Miss the written articles. Hope it's not gone for good.

Probably just getting up-dated; Colin (the owner) should have everything done soon, I hope...

here's an update from the site:

"The staff at Ourbombers.com are extremely apologetic for the technically difficulties the website is currently experiencing.
Please check back this weekend, when hopefully everything is back in order.

We are working diligently to get things back to normal as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience!

Colin Unger"

lol wow ur smart, just go to ourbombers.com and it says that on the front page.....lol.....

It helps people out who don't know. Thanks, Blue_Fan! I heard a temp. ourbomber forum will be up for the weekend? Hope so!

temp ourbombers is up now, go to ourbombers.com and click on fan forum, uses a diffrent url then the one you have favorited so this is the only way to get there