Hey guys,

I'm getting slagged over on ourbombers.com for my last "Rouge, White, & Blue" column on cfl.ca, and I can't seem to get registered for an account so I can defend myself. Anybody know if the site still allows new users?


what does it tell you when u try to sign in? im not sure why they wouldnt be

It tells me my username and password are inactive, I guess until an administrator approves the account, but it's been a while without word from the site.

Jack , make sure you check your junk mail folder....

Thanks, I got word just now that it's activated.

Ya, they are a tad slow over there, something with the server I believe. I remember asking once myself.

For the record, I liked your last column jack. and please dont anyone call me an ass-kisser. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I appreciate that.

Now that my account's active on the site, btw, I have to say I'm having a good time reading posts. Great group of guys on that site...