Our won-lost record

It is August 20 and the Tiger-Cats have played 9 games. They have won 7 games and lost 2 games.

Our record is 7-2. We are in first place in the East, and tied for first in the league. This has been our best start to a season in decades.

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This thread is for everyone who thinks that the only relevant information about the team is its win-loss record, and likes to post that record in other threads with the implication that the discussion should end because nothing else matters.

Now that this thread exists, those people can return to it weekly to check on the updated record, and thereby avoid having to read other threads where some people wish to discuss other aspects of the team’s performance.

Brilliant, Expat. Brilliant. ;D

If the Ticats win the next game they will be 8-2
BUT, if they lose they will be 7-3


If we win out we’ll be 16-2. If we lose out we’ll be 7-11. If we play .500 from here on out…never mind! :wink:


No. Not quite. We have 14 so far but the idea of this thread is that there is still room for improvement in certain aspects of their performance. I’m sure Coach Orlondo would agree. 8)

Is this summer school math for the numerically challenged ? :wink: Back in the spring, I predicted 11 - 7 but that may have to be revised .

Pat Lynch ( if Y = mx + b , what is b ? )

I think we go 12-6

I’m hoping for 13-5, this would break our current record of
12-5-1 from either 98 or 99, I dont remember which year it was.

But more than that I’d like to see us get back to the Grey Cup and win it all ???

I miss 1 - 17.

I’m glad we missed it this year as well. ;D

Not that it matters but for the record that 12-5-1 season came in 98 . The 99 season saw us go 11-7 .
As everyone knows we went back to back to the Grey Cup those two years and if not for a last second fg in 98 we would’ve been back to back champions .

If yer missing and looking for 1 - 17 Mark look no further than Toronto and/or BC this year . ;D

Ok, just so I’m clear, you’re saying this is the thread to discuss stadium construction concerns?

It’s really all just code for saying the team needs to sign Ricky Ray.

Okay just for fun I’ve done a little research on our last 10 seasons W/L records at the halfway point of the season and how we finished off the last half of the season along with final position and play-off results . For the record our current 7-2 mark is the best we have done in the past 10 and a half seasons to date.

Team W/L records after 1rst half of season as compared to 2nd half of season (09-18 )final position and play-off results .

2009…5 - 4 / 4 - 5…9 - 9…2nd…lost ESF to Toronto
2010…5 - 4 / 4 - 5…9 - 9…2nd…lost ESF to BC
2011…5 - 4 / 3 - 6…8 - 10…3rd…won ESF over Mtl , lost EF to Wnp
2012…3 - 6 / 3 - 6…6 - 12…4th…missed play-offs
2013…4 - 5 / 6 - 3…10 - 8…2nd…won ESF over Mtl , won EF over Tor , lost Cup to Sask
2014…2 - 7 / 7 - 2…9 - 9…1rst…won EF over Mtl , lost Cup to Calgary
2015…6 - 3 / 4 - 5…10 - 8…2nd…won ESF over Tor , lost EF to Ott
2016…4 - 5 / 3 - 8…7 - 11…2nd…lost ESF to Edm
2017…1 - 8 / 5 - 4…6 - 12…4th…missed play-offs
2018…4 - 5 / 4 - 5…8 - 10…2nd…won ESF over BC , lost EF to Ott
2019…7 - 2 / To be determined

Three observations:

  1. We sure don’t finish well. Winning record in the second half only three times in the past 10 years.

  2. We only missed the playoffs twice in the past decade. Why does it feel like it was more?

  3. We could finish with a losing record in the second half and still have our best total of the past decade.

I was thinking about this the other day. Not so much the overall record over the years, but more about comparing 2015 to this year, since we lost our starting QB in both.

In 2015, we lost Zach in Week 13 against Edmonton. We were 8-3 at the time & went on to lose that game 25-14.

After that, we had a bye week, then:
lost to Calgary 23-20
beat Sask 30-15
beat Mtl 23-11
lost to BC 40-13
lost to Ott 12-6
lost to Ott 44-28

ESF beat Tor 25-22
lost to Ott 35-28

This year, we held on to win the game Jeremiah got injured in, lost the next one, then won the next 2.
Personally, I think Evans is a better QB than Mathews was & our D is likely a bit better than in 2015. I think our team overall is a better one than we had in 2015, so the rest of the way is going to be entertaining.

Absolutely! We’re in far better shape to accommodate a back up now , and our team is pretty solid all around.