Our Window.

I still believe. Call it blind faith, call it whatever you want. But I still believe in what this team can do. That being said, this is it. This year is either the end of the Austin Collaros Pass Happy whatever you wanna call it era, or we have a turning point, GET HEALTHY of defence, and actually show what we could be, play to our full potential and compete for another Cup.
Abdul Kanneh
Emmanuel Davis
Craig Butler.
Those are the 3 keys to a turning point in my opinion,this defence could look totally different come late-Aug early-Sept

Having Butler at safety moves Stephen back to corner. And having Kanneh and Davis back improves both boundary and field side defensive back positions. Leaving only Demond Washington (also injured) to fill out the secondary opposite Courtney Stephen at corner.

I believe a healthy 100% Healthy Tiger-Cats team could win the Grey Cup. Problem: no team is ever 100% helthy.

Having Kanneh back hopefully this Thursday vs. EDM maybe Davis the next week (although probably not.) Butler Maybe Labour Day.

My hope is that the last half of the season we flip the switch. We get healthy and hot and be the team that lives up to the hype from training Camp. My fear is that we simply don't and an era and a window is wasted.....

We will see.....

I agree ticats. I think the team needs to get the key players back - even Andy on offense! :smiley: - and they could look much different. By September we may all be wondering why we were wringing our hands in July. I think that Leonard stays in the secondary though instead of Washington (really injured or just there due to lack of performance?) He's (RL) proven to have a real nose for the ball and I think has been a bright light among the new DBs. I'll be at the game on Thursday night and it'd be GREAT to see Kanneh in the lineup!

Zach has a mostly new receiving corps to work with - Saunders, Tyms, Jones (played once or twice in 2016) and Scheuerman at RB of course - and since he hardly had time to toss the ball the first couple of games he's still building some familiarity with them in real game situations. Tasker is about the only one who's been there for any length of time as Collins although he's been on the team a couple of years has not played that often and Banks is used sparingly.

If they can't pull it all together then decisions may be made but IMO it's FAR too early in the season to speculate about that.