Our Week Off

So what does everybody think the Tabbies are gonan do on there week off. Work with there recievers who couldnt catch a ball if it was thrown right on there numbers. Brady who seemed very fumble pro against Saskatchewan. Our Defence looks good i dont think they should do to mush there. What about our running game? I mean with Davis and Radlein back there weve got an awsome RB combination. We just dont use them enough. Or maybe or Offensive line needs some work? What does Everybody Else Think?

You couldn’t be any more right about our defence. The are the only reason we haven’t even worse. They keep us in the games. I watched “CFL Snap”, and Duane Forde was going on about Jones not being the answer and we still need to give McManus a chance. Frankly, I don’t care what they do, as long as it turns the team around. I’m not in the mood for another 1-17 season. They got our hopes up last season, I’d like to see them keep rising.

I'm sure you don't care what an Argo fan thinks, but I think your ownership is sold on Brady being the future. Or else they wouldn't of traded a good Canadian O-line for him last year, and then release Ben Sanky after training camp. Brady looked a lot more comfortable in an Argo uniform then he does with you guys. If I were Hamilton I'd give Omaro Miller a call. But I don't think they will go after a quarterback because, it looks like your ownership made up its mind when they dumped Sanky. I don't think you'll see get quite as bad as 1-17, but something needs to happen in Steel City.

Sometimes I wonder if the braintrust on the Cats is even thinking about the future at the QB postion.