our version of those guys

always felt that Pinballs was our version of Barry Sanders.

Cant come up with anyone who was anywhere near a verson of Bo Jackson

The kids loved him, run ricky run - RB Ricky Williams of the Miami Dolphins. Cheers FYB

Ben Cahoon - Fred Biletnikoff

I wonder who has been the most Dan Marino like.



Dieter Brock who also never won the championship .

Dieter who was also good in his one and only NFL season with the Rams would be my pick for Marino CFL version who did a nice vid when Calvillo broke the yardage record with Favre .

Dieter Brock, remembering the 1977 West Semi-Final at Empire Stadium won by BC 33-32 8)

There are some parallels between Bo Jackson and Jesse Lumsden. Or maybe Jackson and Lionel Conacher.

Is there an NFL version of Kevin Glenn? Now that would be something.

J. T. O'Sullivan perhaps? Or Chris Chandler - fewer teams, but more starts.

Dieter Brock, remembering his amazing 1983 Eastern Final performance - after being in hospital with back spasms a couple of days before the game - put on a brilliangt passing display on a VERY windy day - but he and the Ti-Cats lost 41-36 in a thriller before a sellout of 54,530 at Exhibition Stadium (including me and close to 20,000 other Hamilton fans). One of the best CFL games I attended personally.

Definitely Conacher.
The "big train" was a two sport star before Bo Jackson was even born. If anything, Bo copied Conacher as a dual sport standout.

were either of these guys anywhere near as fast as Jackson?

Conacher was from another time, so I doubt he had similar speed. On the other hand, he was smaller and an amazing athlete, so who knows.

Lumsden could run like the wind if he got a little space to pick up speed. He ended up on the national bobsled team after injuries forced him out of the CFL.

Thought I read somewhere this winter that Lumsden won another bobsled meet this year, so he's still going with it.

He competed in the 2-man competition in the Olympics this year. Took 7th place.

Duron Carter & Randy Moss... enigmatic receivers...

Wayne Smith Ottawa #75 and Mean Joe Greene #75.
Doug Flutie and Fran Tarkenton.
Mike Singletary and Mike O'Shea.
Danny McManus and Dan Marino.
Aaron Rodgers and Mike Reilly.
Hank Burris and Randall Cunningham.

Brian Kelly and Richie Cunningham.

Tony Gabriel and Harold Carmichael.

Craig James and Michael Soles.
Barry Sanders and Mike Pringle.

Dan Bass and Jack Ham.

Lawrence Taylor and .................... James Parker.

Kyries Hebert and Mats Sundin.

Fred Biletnikoff (Raiders) - Fred Biletnikoff (Alouettes)

No. They were not (not even close)
But could Bo skate as well as Conacher?

its not about best athlete. its about style and ability in football.

Bo Jackson ran a 4.12 40 and ran over guys like big bad Brian Bosworth

who did similar in the CFL at both?

Bo was Bo no question about it.

But I sure wish Jesse Lumsden had a real football career. For the short time he played he was the biggest, fastest, most powerful running back I’d ever seen in the CFL.