Our Trip to Moncton to see the Ti-Cats

Different pictures from around Moncton,NB of the 13thFamily, Plus game Pictures, hope you enjoy, We had a great time with some great people!

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Saw you on tv. Pregame, i think?

Yes sir that was me Bruce13thMan, Oskee Wee Wee

LOL!!!! That's 2 or 3 times now this season,that you've gotten "face time" on T.V.' :lol:
Just wondering Bruce13......does the cameraman find you.....or do you find the cameraman???? :lol: Either way,your'e getting to be quite the celebrity here in Tiger-Town. :rockin: :cowboy: Too Funny!!!!! :lol:

Hhe finds the camera Bruce is boss of the ticats and our own celebrity a real legend in his own mind

Ok , I drove down to moncton with my girlfriend and made an east coast vacation out of it for a few weeks .
We based our decision to go to the is game based on the Grey Cup atmosphere and pre game parties and events from the previous game . We were very very disappointed to see the CFL , both teams and Moncton planned no events , street parties, tailgating , etc . SO there was no grey cup atmosphere and no buzz around the city . Every ticat fan i spoke to were very discouraged as well . The players only arrived in Moincton at noon on friday the day before the game as did the cheerleaders. That sure is not a grey cup atmosphere . The last game had street parties , player appearances etc for 3 days leading up to the game . My guess is the CFL has ditched the Moncton idea with Ottawa coming back . If anyone has any ideas oif why the CFL , city and 2 teams would drop the ball on this please let me know as I am all ears . I was in Moncton from Tuesday night onwards and there was essentially one bar that fans went to amounting to a few to about 50 or so as the game day approached . I would not have goen to this if i thought it was just another game and no buzz, excitement , parties, events etc .

The game itself was fun and the 2 hours before the game was better than games at guelph or hamilton . Since Hamilton won we were able to celebrate back at the bar ( the old triangel ) after the game with fans and i was able to chat with media types but players did not shop up even though they were staying over night saturday night . they walked by our bar and waved ..pretty lame if you asked me .

WE made of this trip and some of the die hard fans made it ok for us but the CFL , ticats , and moncton did ZERO ...

My opinion is Moncton does not derseve a team if they can't sell out 16,000 seat stadium with many coming form montreal , hamilton and tickets given away to NAPA people . There is no CFL interest in this town really . I mean Burris etc can walk around the streets and the only perswon that might say sonmething to him would be a hamilton fan from hamilton . Monction fpeople are mosre interested in getting drunk and are not big CFL fans . Which is not an insult just a fact

The novelty is over, it won't happen again in Moncton.
As for teams coming in and hanging around all week it doesn't make sense, who pays their hotel bills and food for the week? CFL teams just can't afford to do that.

Well gerbear,........... I am still down here, did the Cabot Trail to-day --loved it , I knew exactly what the situation was before I left as I researched it and knew it was downscaled version of previous years ... too bad you did not do the same...... I had just as good a time as previously , the game was great the Old Triangle was great,------- the players were accessible , had a beer with Drew and got a picture with Ossie----------- meant some new people , which included Ticat and CFl fans in general ---------am sitting here on Cape Breton Island presently listening to some Celtic music and enjoying a beer and my Wifi ---------no complaint from this Cat........As far as stating that Moncton folks are not CFL Fans and only interested in getting drunk is short sighted and tells me a lot about you.

If Halifax eventually gets a CFL team, you may see Moncton host exhibition games and possibly an annual regular season game but that would be it for the most part.

unfortunately, the Touchdown Atlantic games are likely over and the CFL has moved on from Moncton as a potential site for expansion.

Gerbear makes a lot of good points.

I'll give you another example. Two guys sitting next to us bought 40.00 each of 50/50 tickets. They waited till late in the game to make the draw and no one claimed the money. So they made an announcement on the PA that they would hold the winner's money for two weeks ! LOL. Imagine how these guys felt. Ok Am I supposed to hang on to the tickets ? Will they redraw ? They had no idea what the hell was going on. These guys just felt like they blew 80.00. They didn't mind not winning but they wanted to know someone in the stadium was getting the prize.

I enjoyed the game with my son but anyone who expected an "Event" was let down big time, what makes it worse is that's how it had been organized in the past so you can see why there would be expectations that this would be a little more than a "game". I'e been to concerts and festivals and all kinds of things in Atlantic Canada and this was probably the most poorly organized and promoted major event I've ever been to.

Actually I ran into TSN as they where right under where we sat, but they came up to me a couple home games ago in Guelph and ask me to come be on camera meeting the players as I had my Helmet on!
As for being a legend in my own my, I'm no legend or no boss, just bleed Black and Gold and stand behind this team no matter if they where 18-0 or 0-18 as thats what I do! Oskee Wee Wee Billy!

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX_whVP0feI&feature=c4-overview&list=UUUht8p02RPn8nCAcdy39sbw]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX_whVP0 ... CAcdy39sbw[/url]

Clearly you didn't do your homework.

I truly believe this game was scheduled to take a break from the Guelph experience.

Mr Pike ,

Well , I too made an east coast trip out of it and went to the Cabot Trail and Halifax , Quebec City etc and had a great time and i also had a good time in Moncton at the triangle etc …My concerns were with the CFL , Ticats and Moncton for not having a CFL GREY Cup atmosphere of events like previous atlantic games .

I am not hard on Moncton as I like it there . I talked to many people in the 4- 5 days i was there any many were not CFL fans or knew very little of the game in Moncton . I listened to the main radio station while i was there and there was no buzz or signs of a game in town outisde of the old triangle bar . This is a party town and not a town pumped for CFL football . This is just my opinion . We met a lot of great people and met some ticats fans as well . My feeling is this event could have been organized much better like previous years . Players came down earlier in previous years for appearances and open practices etc …not sure who foot the bill ? Mocton ? CFL ? but whoever did was not interested to do so this time .

i did research this game after i bought the tickets and i knew it lacked the planned events etc but i hoped / assumed they would be announced a few weeks before the game . You might want to advise as to how the players were accessible as i disagree. they arrived noon on friday and went to the stadium and rested before the game . After the game some were seen walking past the triangle . Media types and soem coaches were in the bar which was good .

I am not sure why you would say i am short sided or that my comments tell a lot about me . I am just being honest and commenting on what i saw on my 5 days there observing . I think Moncton people are great down to earth and very approachable and easy to get along with . I found it difficult to find many Moncton people that were into the CFL or knew much about the game or teams involved . they had one CFL game this year and tickets weer on sale 5 months ago and they still could not sell out a 16,000 stadium . Thousands also made the trip from around the east coast and montreal and hamilton as well as hundreds of tickets given to NAPA employees and customers etc .

Looks like you had a great trip Bruce, thanks for sharing. :thup:

Thanks, Your welcome, had a GREAT trip!

We were there too from around 1 on Friday until leaving around 9 on Sunday morning.

Yea, it wasn't like other years but then again, the fellow that was responsible for all the parties etc. passed away last year and nobody took up the cause. There was an award given out at the game in his honour to a local high school.

The Old Triangle was the place to be...lots of players and coaches showed up. We had a "full plate" when in town, so no complaints from us...BUT, I think the City of Moncton missed an opportunity to cash in on this event.

***Bruce, it was my wife, Sandy that took your picture with OZZY on Friday afternoon. He and Dennis McPhee were there both Friday and Saturday night, after the game, along with a few players. As for some who were disapointed about players not coming out...they have there own free time and are free to pick and chooze what, when and where they go. No, they don't have their names and numbers on them, but they were out and about and certainly "approachable". We met lots of them and had some great chats. Even Arland Bruce came over to say hi to us just after the game. We just didn't take many, if any pictures.

Bruce...can't open your link to see the pictures.