Our Ticats free agents; who would you sign?

If you were Ticats Mgmnt which of our free agents would you most want to sign

This is the CFL. Of the five listed here, only one is a ratio buster. So no question. Has to be Laurent.

Of the other four, Masoli is probably the most difficult to replace, as he is one of very few QBs who fit Jones's game plan. The other three, while great players, could probably be replaced for similar money.

That said, I want them all back, if possible. And a few others.

If we dump Collaros and his $550,000 albatross of a contract we could probably sign them all .

Easily Banks, could easily be the leagues leading receiver by a wide margin in TDs and yards (i think he sets CFL records next year) this team is wayyy less exciting instantly if we lose him. Only really unique unreplaceable player on the free agent list.

After this seeing tweet from Banks to CJ Gable on Gables re-signing by EDM today,
I will be shocked if Banks re-signs with us.

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@CJ_Gable congrates bra I’m so happy for you bro and seeing you happy now ! Must be nice to have ppl in YOUR best interest !

Hello Dionte Spencer!! 8) 8) 8)

Banks wouldn’t get much time at receiver on the Esks. They’re loaded with talent at that position.

What makes an albatross an albatross? I don’t remember reading or listening to anyone complain anout the contract signed bt Collaros when he first arrived! So now that he has had a bad go of things, he ( his contract) is an albatross!!! We win a Grey Cup after he got his albatross contract and noone would have complained. Letz not make this his fault/ all evils around TiCats is not because of Collaros. Anyone in his position would have sought and got same contract. Itz a short career and have to make the best of it. So instead of waiting it out a bit longer, everyone gives up on Zack. Sianara, adios, ciao, au revoir! Hope you all have more patience with Jones than what I’ve seen for Zack.

If Banks doesn't re-sign with us, Tolliver will take his place.

Or we could move Saunders into Banks' spot. They have very similar playing styles, body types and big play ability.

I think guys like Banks should be more careful what they say on social media. Everyone can be replaced, and GM's on other teams see social media postings as a reflection of a player's character, I'm sure.

Let Banks walk and see who’ll give him what he perceives he’s worth. I’ve been a huge supporter but his remarks and attitude are awful.

Based on Banks remarks , I think he won't resign with the cats. I didn't think he would before that as he would be asking for too much as we already have saunders in his role and Tolliver to take the other wr spot.

Tasker has mentioned he is looking for the big payday as now is his time to make money . I love the guy but i sense they won't pay him big bucks . Larry Dean is likely looking for big bucks too after having an all star year ..i could see them saving money here and moving kavel connor into mlb from the practice roster. kavel has started in the nfl.

Masoli will want starter money and i think they will give it to him . Zac with his 540 k contract will be released so we have that money to spend on fre agents . eman davis i feel will be released and his contract will give us money .

we need a good pass rushing DE and A decent db or two maybe through free agency .

I am not sure about ted laurent ..I think his play has dropped since his huge contract so the demand for him will be less...i say he signs for around 200 k or less...mainly because we have no decent national DTs

we will bring in johnny football for a look see at the league minimum
not sure what they will do with fantuz..hopefully an incentive driven contract with bonus on games played and receptions

I think the cats should take a long look at the following players via free agency :

cleon lang to replace an older more expensive laurent

db jonathon rose ottawa to help improve our secondary
or bc's ronnie yelll

DE Alex Bazzie BC to improve our pass rush
sb nik moore to replace tasker

new dline would be :

bazzie lang coleman tracey

simoni, connor, kanneh

rose or yell
steffan/ langa




nik moore or other free agent sb
fantuz. chambers
Quinn - replaces banks on kr and sb

Both Colloras and Banks were brought in by Kent Austin and had a couple of good years. In 2016 & 2017 he' s killed Colloras' career by having a weak team around him; nearly destroyed Banks career by misusing him, until Jones rescued him.
As for other GMs , I thought it was only the NFL that colluded, is CFL guilty of the same?

Unfortunately, I have to think that Collaros and Banks had a role in the career killing. Banks by his immature behaviour, comments and tweets. Collaros through injury (an all too common career killer in Hamilton for some reason) or perhaps simply the wrong skill set for the Jones system.

I’m thinking Banks has crapped in his own yard once too often, but Collaros to his credit is taking the high road. But to continuously rag on Austin for every player’s subpar performance has gotten tiring and pointless.

So Nick Moore, the 31 year old, often injured receiver would replace 28 year old Luke Tasker who catches everything thrown his way ? Lang replacing Laurent ? Connor over Dean ? And the beat goes on and on .

I appreciate that we're talking TiCat football in December and that's a good thing . Let's remember that Coach Jones wants few changes to the team that finished the season . Continuity beats change for the sake of change .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

No way Nick Moore is an adequate replacement for Tasker, the notion is simply ridiculous. If Laurent’s contract demands are still the same, Laing would be a cheaper replacement with not much drop off, or you could start them both to help with the ratio. Larry Dean must be re-signed.

Tasker is still 26 years old. 27 in January. Young and in his prime.

Tasker's birthday is Jan. 18, when he'll be 27 but if you round it up to the nearest decade, he'd be 30 . That's half way to 60 . The guy is an old dude . He will probably need the Ruoff glasses and a cane, in order to run his precise routes while catching every ball thrown his way . ::slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old guy who is closer to the end than the beginning)