Our team is down......GET BEHIND THEM!

I strongly urge everyone to think carefully before they post this week.......our team is feeling bad enough right now so let's not kick them when they're down......

We'll rise again!.....guaranteed!

Go Cats! :thup:

Bring on the Als!

Boreham seriously has to go.

No more excuses.....I've made more than enough of them over the last 3 decades....

We have the right to complain

I agree to a point... but I only have two cheeks to turn..and now both are bruised and bloodied. Thats after only 3 games!

I guess I'm a 'half empty' character.

so let's not kick them when they're down
Someone around here needs to hit a kick now and again! I say Kick away!!!

I strongly urge everyone to post what’s on their minds, negatives with the positives.

bad enough to come out with such a stinker in the home opener, but then to follow it up with that display....offense, defense, special teams....NOBODY played a great football game.

Im sorry, but making me pay 30 bucks for tickets and then coming out lifeless is kicking me when Im down.

Let's take a step back and think about what exactly the ultimate PURPOSE of playing a football game is. Exercise for players? Nope. Entertain people while they hammer back hotdogs and beer? Nope. Win the Grey Cup? DING DING DING.

The purpose for competing in professional sports is to be the best there is. Encouragement and enhancing self esteem makes sense for little kids, but not for grown men who get paid big bucks and whose job it is to be professionals.

So should we keep giving positive reinforcement to a team whose given its fans misery over the past few seasons--hell no. As owners of this franchise (owners according to Bob), we pay top dollar for their salaries, so we should expect top performance.

Whatever changes or adjustments have to be made will be made.....I just don't see the point of humiliating the team any more than happened in these forums this past week.....it was starting to bother me is all I'm saying and I don't think it's helpful to continue it.....let's offer the team a 'hand-up' as fans and get behind them during this bad patch they're going through......I believe in this group of Tiger-Cats!.....I really do!

I'd love to get behind Marshall and try a field goal!

whose humiliating them? We are voicing our displeasures on a message board!

We arent posting naked pictures of them or anything, we are PAYING customers who have the right to gripe when such a pathetic display takes place.

Guess what, sit back and say nothing = no changes are made, and we keep on losing (also known as the 'Maple Leafs Method')

Changes are only made because the team realizes people are PISSED and wont accept this.
I dont want to turn into the maple leafs, who are happy to sell out their stadium every single game but dont win games.
Bob we want to win! Not just 'enjoy the new game experience' with the new tents, and painted seats and big crowds, etc, etc. at games and on TV

I believe in the front office. I beleive they see what fans see. I believe they can see the DEAD WOOD that needs to be cut out.

For how many years do I have to get kicked for defending my allegiance to this team? It gets harder and harder every year when the team plays like they did tonight. Or when the officials ref like they did tonight. Or everytime I take a cut on the pay cheque because I book time off to make a game, and only have to go back to work the next day and explain why I so badly needed to watch the team play so poorly.

For my twenty years of being a season ticket holder, perhaps 1 if not 2 at the most seasons have I had where I could actually be truly proud. It's tough.


For my twenty years of being a season ticket holder, perhaps 1 if not 2 at the most seasons have I had where I could actually be truly proud. It's tough.


I agree completely.

In my 12 years of going to games, i have been disappointed in basically all except 2 or 3.

In that span? 3 winning seasons.

Let's just hang tough!..Hamilton style!.....We'll be in there at the end!.....sure, it's tough and we're 0-3 right now but I'm telling ya.........we're gonna catch fire!......this team is way too good to fold the tent.

The worst thing this organization can do is panic right now and start making desperate moves.....we have the winning team right here, right now!......let's keep working at it and we'll kick ass!!!

Mikey - offside as usual.

we havn't won a game on the road in 2YEARS..and you want us to be patient?..lol!..if we played a good game of football this year,maybe i would be patient,but 3 lousy games..patience is very,very thin!!


We can look at the postives tomorrow.. tonight, we want blood!

I think this team is too good as well. Somethings just not clicking, but its definitely time to give some one else a kicking opportunity.