Our team can't finish games off...

This is starting to PISS me off, every time we get the lead with like 2 minutes left, our defense line just FALLS apart. Every play Calgary threw a first down, we could not defend their receivers at all. Like Geroy always says, they need to finish games off when they are ahead. And yet again, they are up, and just fall apart and lose. COME ON! But.. on the plus side... Casey Printers played a really good game, long throws for good yardage, got out of the pressure and so fourth. Our defense lost this one for us...

Lions D seems to play well for most of the game and can't stop anything in the last 2 min. I will not be happy in the last 2 min unless the Lions have a 28 point lead. Even then, I would still worry. They'll find a way to make it harder than it has to be.

3 games to watch next week

Lions/Esks for 3rd in the West
Riders/Stamps for 1st in the West
Ticats/Bombers for 2nd in the East.

It is hard to admit, but I think our defense is just not good enough. Yeah they lead the league in sacks, but they can't finish off a team when they have to. Sorry, but because of this I don't think they will go very far in the playoffs, that's if they even make it. Very frustrating for the fans.... can't imagine how some of the coaches or players feel. I hope they can get there act together for the remainder of the season. That's all there's left. :expressionless:

And the vaunted BC Lions defense comes up big when it needs to. Again.


Been frustrating to watch this defense all season, as they seem to struggle to come up with the stops when needed. Teams, like Calgary tonight, seem to pick apart the Lions' D at will during crunch situations.

Penalties and both lines let us down. Between letting tacklers by often and a lot of procedure calls, our O-Line looked horrible and our D line was constantly missing tackles on Burris. I know he's elusive but he's not that good!

Hey Geroy SimonFan.... and all you others that thought Casey Printers was the second coming... and OH yeah we are going to WIN now!! Seems like same old stuff... Casey can't walk on water! Takes more that one person to win !!!!

leofan we weren't saying that, he played good, but we can not protect him well enough, that td in the last 2 minutes to gain the lead, don't tell me you never jumped up and celebrated.

Lets hope we beat eskimos and those blue bombers lose.

Calgary threw another wrinkle at us - haven't seen so many all out blitzes ever.
kind of like the weird Winnipeg run formations they kept zooming us with all the different motions that I had never seen in their record run win over us.
But it seems the game was lost way earlier when we couldn't move the ball and had a lot of 2 and outs. Those hurt.
I say keep working at it and fly or flop with Casey.
Work our new center - Valli - lots of room for improvement . . . we gotta try a screen sometime.

Two gut wrenching back to back losses that, in the tight west division, made the Lions lose second place and now play-offs are not guaranteed.

Yeah this is getting frustrating.

I have to agree with most of what has been said about last night's game. I would like to suggest a pattern that I'm seeing with the Lions. They seem to fall asleep during the 3rd quarter. If someone has time research the number of 1st downs they muster up during the 3rd quarter please let the rest of us know. It cannot be very much. I would say that is their weakest quarter and then they seem to come back to life again in the 4th but often when it is too late or too close to call.

As far taking responsibility for games won and lost and finishing the opponent off, for the most part it is indeed a team effort either way. But I think it would be unfair to paint the entire team with the same brush. To say a loss was an entire team effort would be incorrect. What about the player(s) who played a squeaky clean game with only minor errors and inconsequential missed assignments? Did they contribute to the loss? I do not think so.

Contrary to the opinions of some, I do believe that a single player can in fact lose a game for the team just as a single player can win a ball game for the team. Sports history is full of examples of players making spectacular last minute or even last second plays that have even won championships. History also can show examples of bonehead plays made by a single player that have cost the team the game.

Let me bring up the 33-30 loss against Saskatchewan.

The loss against Saskatchewan fell squarely on Casey Printers in my opinion. The team [including Printers] had worked very hard to get the game into over-time but it was Casey Printers who made the serious error in judgment and "cost" the team the game. Why? Because there was no chance for redemption, no opportunity to come back. It was game over.

Some could argue that it was not Printers who lost the game against Saskatchewan but it was the offensive line for not giving Printers enough pass protection. I would not agree with that. Printers was not sacked resulting in a fumble. Printers had several options open to him that would have put the game into a 2nd overtime. He chose to exercise the worst option of all.

Could one argue that Geroy lost the game on that final play because he did not make himself wide open long enough? Again, I do not think so. While it was Geroy's responsibility to get and remain wide open it is ultimately the responsibility of the QB to either release the ball or not.

Sure one could say losing a game is a team effort . One could also say winning the game is a team effort. In most cases it certainly is. But there are exceptions in either case.

Now, about last night's disappointing loss to Calgary. Printers cannot be faulted for this loss and I'm not saying that anyone is suggesting that he should. But where does the blame lie if any blame can be attached? At what point in the game did B.C. have a chance to "finish it off" or more accurately, to finish off the opponent once and for all? Perhaps no blame can be attached. And like someone suggested, perhaps given the kind of team the Lions have fielded this year, we need to be 28+ points ahead with 2 minutes remaining to be assured of a victory.

Printers did his job last night. With just a couple of minutes left in the game he marched the team down the field to score what should have been the game winning touchdown. This was after coming back from deficits and against a team that is superior to other teams.

Let us not forget the thrashing the Lions took early in the season at the hands of Calgary. Printers was not even on the roster back then.
At 26-25 the game was no longer in Casey Printer's hands. Had the Lions won the game I would not have said Casey won the game for the Lions but he certainly would be deserving of the "lions" share of the accolades. For any one play to succeed all 12 working parts have to be working in unison. But ultimately it is up to Printers what is going to happen with the ball.

Did the Lions defense let the team down in the last 90 seconds of the game? Are they the reason why the Lions are unable to finish it off? That would be most fans' take on it I suppose. But then again, what happened to the offense during the 3rd quarter when yet again they kept having to punt the ball back and forth to Calgary just like they did against Montreal and Emonton and Saskatchewan?

Should we blame the defense or do we try and remember that it was the defense that actually got Calgary to cough up the ball at around the 50 yard line with one minute to go which would have sealed the win for B.C.? Unfortunately the ball bounced for Calgary and they maintained possession.

What about that Calgary reception that took the ball down to around the B.C. 15 yard line where the ball was punched out of the receiver's hand before he stepped out of bounds yet it was called a completion? It was challenged and ruled a fumble. The defense did their job. The Lions got the ball but the offense could nothing with the turn over. Top marks for the defense to create the turn over. Not many marks for the offense not being able to take advantage of it.

After scoring the go ahead TD the Lions put Calgary deep enough into its own end to hold them. They couldn't and they didn't. I don't think it is a question of B.C. not being able to finish off the opponent. I think it is a matter of the Lions trying to make the best of the talent it has and chronically coming up a little short because over a 60 minute game of football they are being out played. Nevertheless, it made for great and entertaining football last night. If they do make the playoffs [by the way, have they?] then they are only 3 games away from a championship ring! By then the Lions will have Pierce, Jarious, Lulay AND Casey. The guys in the trenches will be healthier,hopefully McCallum will realize that he is on planet earth, Valli will be that much more effective as a centre, Mallet may be back. So, who knows? I believe on a good day B.C. can beat Calgary, Saskatchewan AND Montreal...............on a good day!

Wat's the short/condensed version of that post? TL;DR :stuck_out_tongue:

I know Grims, I got a little carried away didn't I? Sorry about that. :roll:

If the Lions hope to win, they need a consistent defence. It seems that every time they are in sight of a win, the defence lets them down. If the lions hope to be a winning team, they need more protection for the quarterback and a defence that will do their job. Right now they look confused and out of steam near the end of the game.

you got what you wanted leo, a diff qb in, and he is playing like shit, printers does way better.