Our Seven Losses In Perspective

July 1: Blue Team put up too many points in the first quarter to be overcome. We played a better overall game.

July 23: In Montreal. Defence played well.

Aug 16: Prairie winds and loud crowd; Abysmal first half, played very well in the second half

Aug 29: Lost by one point in Edmonton.

Sept 11: Labour Day Hangover; neither team played well. Should have easily won.

Sept 25: Blow out loss to the best team in the league.

Oct 3: Lost by one point to the defending Grey Cup Champions in their house.

Take away the two games against Montreal, the first quarter in the opening game and the first half in Saskatchewan and this team could have won every game it's played. When was the last time we could say that? In every loss (except the blow out) there were many positives. In evey loss there have been key elements that to this fan appear fixable. Last night was a combination of fumbles, missed field goals, and questionable offensive play-calling (no blitz counter). Alas, the perils of cheering for a young and dynamic team. If they can work out the bugs and figure out a way to beat Montreal this team could provide for a big surprise in November.

Being young is a lame excuse it is getting very tiresome.They have had dropped balls missed field goals some bad coaching the list goes on and on. They have given away at least 3 victories not because of youth but because of poor execution.The coach has to get after there ass and stop being so frienly with his team

I agree that youth can sometimes be a copout as an excuse.

In the fourth quarter, the Stampeders were blitzing a lot. . . almost every second play.

And they sure weren't disguising it at all. . . everyone could see that the blitz was coming.

Why didn't Porter recognize it? You can't excuse it based on his being a young QB. . . it was just so plainly obvious that a blitz was coming. . .

I awaken this morning to see that the natering nabobs of negativity
are flooding ticats.ca with their opinions after a loss once again.

On an emotional level, I am disappointed by this loss.

On a rational level, there are lots of positives

It's nice to hear from somebody else who
cheers for this young and dynamic team

and doesn't let his emotions filter out
the positives of this season, Ockham.

Just think, a last minute field goal might have
deprived us of so many wonderful 'bon mots'

on this dark and dreary Sunday morning.

You are absolutely right - hard to find positives when your emotions run wild. So close - yet so far. This team has progressed leaps and bounds from this time last year.

Ron you mean to tell me you can't find something positive to say about this dark and dreary sunday you are so positive about everything else.Fans like to vent that is what we do a little emotion please.

Ron, I am in total agreement with everything you mentioned.
The one positive I noticed was at the end of the game when Quinton Porter was visibly upset on the bench and Marcel would not leave him. Marcel stayed with his quarterback trying to calm him down when Calgary's coach was coming across the field to speak to Marcel after the game.
To me this showed that our coach puts the interest of his players ahead of almost everything.
I believe that the TiCats players have noticed this and will respond down the stretch.
The Thanksgiving Day game is extremely important and if our team responds after the Calgary loss as well as they did after the Montreal loss then we should be victorious against Winnipeg.

I told you I am disappointed. That means I feel sad and letdown.

I find no solace in tearing somebody else down
when their efforts fall a bit short on the day.

Some fans like to vent, me, I don't.

After mulling why certain plays went wrong

I take pleasure in the fact that I was entertained so well
and that there is a strong hope for a victory next time.

There's NO TIME LEFT to let this crap slide anymore. The playoffs are fast encroaching and we're still making stupid mistakes that cost us games and MB keeps patting them on the back for it. We may make the playoffs, but a playoff win may be asking too much.

Doesn't Marcel's way make more sense than
getting tough and laying down the law,TC26?

Marcel and Obie set a vision for the team in the off season
and Obie went out and gathered the pieces to fit the vision.

They brought in Kevin Glenn to back up Quinton Porter
unless Quinton faltered badly and they'll stick with this.


When they set that vision, last year's players
knew where they stood because were told

what their roles would be and what
they needed to do in the off season.

They also brought in more team speed and
some more 'maturity' in several CFL veterans.

This is the way to build a strong foundation.

I am emotional in the way we've lost six out of the seven games. Take the Montreal blow out and toss it. The other six games were ours for the taking. It's frustrating to be so close and yet have a losing record right now. I still see this team finishing 10 and 8 so the rest of the season better be clear of these needless factors costing us victories.

Agreed Ockham, While I prefer not to tred into the naysaying what concerns me is that while we are playing better than last year and the team is playing as a team, we've hit a 4 game skid of mistake ridden football. It's like we've got the post Labour blues ????? (I have no idea :oops: ) We seemed to come out like a lion early but have faltered. To your point, take out the Montreal game and most game have been decided by either poor play or poor decision making.

I do however believe that we are on our way, but am concerned at the trend that I see before our very eyes.


In the last several games Quinton's tentativeness and mistakes
were a large factor in why we got behind early in those games.

Not so this last game, catattack1, other players made mistakes.

the common theme in all the losses is quinton porter started and threw all little dump passes, threw some ints with no tds and kevin glenn comes into a situation where its too late

Last year I forgave this team for "losing the close ones."

But this year they were supposed to win these types of games, and they aren't.

So,morally, the team is undefeated and in first (moral) place in the East. But it doeasnt mean they will host the Eastern Final.

In the last several games Quinton's tentativeness and mistakes were a large factor in why we got behind early in those games.

Not so this last game, catattack1, other players made mistakes.

NOT SO this last game ?

Although there is MUCH BLAME to SHARE by OC's who can't ADJUST to save their lives, Kickers who can't PERFORM, and WR's that can't hang on to the damn ball ... Quinton Porter was simply AWFUL last night ... between his BALLOON ball interception in the end zone, his own FUMBLE, his COMPLETE MISS of a wide open AB3, and his lack of AWARENESS in allowing that 15 yard sack at the end of the game - the guy did NOTHING worthy of all the LOYALTY, and FAITH being shown him.

Heading down the home STRETCH , the MARGIN of ERROR is narrowing ... The Porter Project is heading into a CRUCIAL phase ... If Quinton cannot PROVE himself in a WINNING EFFORT next week, I should think it the END of his days as a STARTER this season.


It is very easy to tell who knows foot ball, and who simply turns the Chanel and makes assumptions from one or two lousy plays.

QP played pretty well last night, both D's played very solid games and executed their game plans. A total of 29 points is a hell of a defensive game!

Maybe some of you were watching another game... Did anyone see the play of burris? He to made some very bad decisions, bad throws, bad reads, and so on, and yet he is considered one of the elite. Oh I'm sorry, this is about QP and how he cant make mistakes!!

Thanks, Mike, for your dose of reality.

I agree, but looking back over the scores, I'd say there've been 6 "close ones" and they're 3 & 3. Not bad.