Our Secondary

Is anyone else concerned with the play of Korey Banks.I swear he is asleep out there half the time. Most big plays going deep are by him. At times he and Phillips are crossed up and it always seems Phillips gives him a "what are you doing" look.

If anyone thinks Banks is fine I think Henry Burris will show Wally and the staff whether Banks should be replaced after this year and if he should be a concern come the playoffs.

I for one think Korey has to many holes in his coverage right now.

I agree they better get that fixed because if Sask does beat Toronto on Thursday night, the Lions secondary better come up big against Calgary or it is over, Calgary is not Toronto, and if the Lions think they can walk into Calgary and win like they did last night , they are going to get slaughterd.

Agree with the above, but how about the play of Glatt. It has been a while since I've seen him stuff someone in the hole and he seems to be forever in the chase mode. Also when he is in the blitz package, he looks a little lost. Don't get me wrong, I think he is a good player, but recently he could improve. Or is it just a matter of being caught out of position? Comments.

Yeah, the secondary hasn't been as good since Mark Washington retired to be a coach!