Our Season

We started off with some promise this year, but I'm sorry to say:


lol. good one. But hey at least we had an interesting game to watch tonight. Is that not what we all have been asking for

entertaining game and Ticats still in fight for second as far as Im concerned.

The way the Argos looked against Winnipeg, I'd say the playoff spots still up for grabs.

It will peg that gets it..

With the playoff ticket refunds and the 25% discount in 2009, I wonder how much money this will cost the organization?

Not much if they raise them by 20%.

Winnipeg is surging and Toronto is already ahead of us, only 7 games left now I think. I just don't see it happening. :-S

what season is it?....duck season,no rabbit season, no duck season, rabbit season, duck season,...duck season, rabbit season, duck season, ...ok duck season...shoot him now, shoot him now...
thats all folks

While we are currently in last place, we still have a shot at 2nd place, which is probably the only way we will make it to the playoffs.

The Argos will be lucky to win another game this year. They have 4 more games at home against western teams, and Montreal, and appear to really be in a skid. I really don't think they should be ahead of us. Unlike Hamilton, they have been lucky enough to win some close games. Don't get me wrong, I also don't think we are much better then them.

For us to make the playoffs we must win both games against Winnipeg. A win this week is a start in the right direction. Right now, I think the Bombers are probably the best of the three bad teams in the East. They have some injured players back (most noteably centre Picard), have filled some holes, and have Kevin Glenn playing well again. If Glenn goes down, they will be in trouble again.

To be honest, I really see the CFL as two leagues; the teams out West and Montreal, and the sad groups in Winnipeg, Toronto, and Hamilton. So much for the SMS creating parity in the league.

If we somehow make the playoffs, we won't play more than one game.


Whoever gets second in the East plays their first playoff game at home. Every Eastern team has beat crossover western team to this day. Now mind you the 2nd team in the East as likely never been so weak.

Eastern conference football is lousey. Must come down to where we recruit.