Our Running Statistics - After Week 2

Jesse Lumsden
29 Attempts
225 Yards
7.8 Yards Per Carry
2 TD
0 Fumbles

Tre Smith

10 Attempts
148 Yards
14.8 Yards Per Carry
1 TD
0 Fumbles

Casey Printers
11 Attempts
65 Yards
5.9 Yards Per Carry
2 TD
1 Fumble

I think it's safe to say we've got a hell of a force in the backfield.

agreed.. But Credit Goes to Young and Improving OLine..

we need to be able to keep the running game going. In week one we were forced to throw the ball because we got behind so quickly. If we can stay within a td or so we can keep using the play fake and keep teams from pinning their ear back and blitzing every play.