Our Running Game

It appears that our new Offensive Coordinator is famous for hanging his hat on the running game. I feel a little trepidation over this at the moment since Montreal, his former team, had the second worst running game and fewest number of touchdowns in the CFL last season; second, of course to the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

The problem I have with our running game is Jesse Lumsden. I certainly hope he stays healthy for the entire 2008 season, because if he falls, so does our running game.

Please don't misconstrue any of this as my saying that I dont like Bellefeuille or Lumsden. Nothing could be further from the truth. I think they are both good at what they do but I hope Bellefeuille doesn't put all his eggs in one basket however, and rely almost totally on a running game. Most of us are aware that this philosophy doesn't fly in the CFL.

The need for an improved line that can run and pass block is urgent, along with an improved receiver core.

Up until the past couple of years, Bellefeuille has had some dismal results bur his overall record looks good, hence he has been hired.

Lumsden, of course, is injury prone. (I fully expect to take some flak for saying this, but I can't really say I care as this is my opinion.) He has shown His penchant for injury throughout his brief career thus far. (University, NFL and Hamilton) Caullie can probably expect to play some overtime again this coming season, although, I hope I'm wrong, although he does seem to be a tough running back who can take a pounding. I find that a team that depends heavily on a good running game generally has more than one good running back, and at the moment, we have that, but for how long?

Anyway, nothing ventured, nothing gained. The team had to make some moves and they are indeed, making them.

I truly hope that long suffering Hamilton fans finally get some decent football this year, but I won't get my hopes up until training camp ends.

Agendas. :thdn:

You know absolutley nothing about the guy or what kind of offense he and Taaffe will put together yet you try to base a negative thread on almost complete ignorance.

Brutal. You’d think you would have learned by now.

leave the guy alone, he's merely stating his opinion. It is true Lumsden is injury prone and Belefuille mostly puts all his eggs in one basket. He is merely stating he hopes that the two guys former ways and habits change.

An opinion based on guess work and cherry-picking info. from others.

NO ONE HAS ANY IDEA what kind of offense it will be this year. MB is in a completely diff. environment and now has a half-million dollar QB to keep happy and champing at the bit to show NFL people they were wrong.
If you think MB is going to get away with all-rushing you need your head checked.

While I may be a little more "diplomatic" with my response to the above...I have to agree with you on this one zontar :wink: (that's twice in one month...will the sky fall in???)

I'm optomistic on the new year...I say..."Let's give the new coaches and team a chance before we attack them". We are are all looking for a winner in Hamilton and nobody wants to win more than those challenged with the job of delivering that winner!

From my reading of spikejones' post, he shares the opinion of most--take a wait and see attitude (as in after training camp) before getting our hopes up. Cut him a bit of slack.

An Argo-Cat fan

He says things like “it appears” “a little trepidation” “I hope” which mean he isnt sure but has concerns.
Its a good post mainly stating that he feels its the way this particular coordinator runs his offense. I cant believe anyone could respond that way to it and to me it is just plain ignorant behavior , this is a discussion forum on a football team for gosh sakes. He has an opinion, backed it up with why he feels that way and why it worries him. It was a good post. If you dont like posts like that there is another site you can go to but I gotta warn ya first, your gonna be the only guy there.

Yes I thought the opening post was rather thoughtfully expressed as well. Why one poster seems to want to pick a fight with anyone who ever expresses an opinion (to which we are all entitled, I seem to think), is totally beyond me.

Our Running Game `---- is going to be Awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny, they said the same thing about Taaffe. Unfortunately last year the offence was consumed by 3 yard passes.

We should run more. We're good at it.

(MD) Our Running Game `---- is going to be Awesome Razz
I hope you're right. It would be nice to see a good offensive attack of some kind, and I don't mean in any way to parallel my statement with the offensive attacks made on me in this thread from Zontar.

Most of you, ticats111, barney, Beetlejuice and Madjack have taken my side here in that you recognize that I am only stating an opinion and I certainly thank you for that.

The other respondents here either agree in part or perhaps not at all. (Woody)
I have no problem with this.

This forum is designed for all of us to state our opinions, TREPIDATIONS, worries, anxieties, hopes and dreams for the Hamilton Tigercats and thats all I seek to do here.

Posters like Zontar who use the site to vent, should take up BJ"s suggestion and go elsewhere.

Does Zontar not have the right to state his opinion as well? True, some of his comments may be less politic than others, but they are honest opinions... (hmm, politic and honest in one sentence...)

You can fool some of the people some of the time, spikey03, but not all the people all the time.

I guess you could be flattered someone is that obsessed with your every post to put that much energy into trashing you but at the same time, its a touch creepy.

Meh. Not every post.
Usually skip the family soap operas, concessions ideas, guess who I bumped into at the stadium today,what's your favourite movie, music etc.

What is it Zontar with your rather agressive behaviour around here? Who died and made you forum cop or better yet bully? Were you not breast-fed as an infant? Are you perhaps compensating for a lack of length and/or girth in your genital area?

Out of the blue you wait almost a month to post in this thread?

C'mon. :roll:

Gee kicker, sounds like a personal attack there. Do I need to point out the Forum Guidelines to you?

The REAL bullies on this site get pats on the head, it seams...

Don't post much but when I do its postive; never personal. I just find this Zontar guy crosses the common courtesy line way too much of late. As far as guidelines go, if you may want, you can put me down for a warning on a #5 with that last one but you will then have to give Zontar a somewhat lengthy suspension for countless infractions of #3 and #5. The mods must be asleep.

Goodness, for somebody with only forty posts in well over a year you're strangely well informed. :roll:

Do you think that little of people to believe they're buying any of this?