Our running game is now officially unstoppable..

Pick your poison, Casey or Lumsden? Now this will create even bigger holes for Jesse as the D will have to fear the threat of a bootleg and if they do collapse down on Jesse then Casey will have nothing but open space, also defences won't be able to rush as hard now as they'll be more worried about keeping CP in the pocket then letting him scramble around and hitting a receiver right in the #'s 40 yards down feild.

Printers 26 yrs old
Lumsden 25 yrs old

Pretty good guys to build around.

You get an option attack, play action, and all the extras that can be added to a WCO. The stop-and-go patterns they will be able to use now...LOL

Note to safeties: get you head on a swivel. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

And Casey is a big guy too.

222 lbs.

The greatest thing Printers will bring to the Cats right away is his ability to pass well on the run. With our O-line this is a very needed skill for a QB to have.

Yep. 6'2 220lbs

Pretty much the exact size of Lumsden.


And I wondered why Chang was not doing that. Is it the coaches?

Do the coaches know that this ability can get great results in the CFL? We'll see their grasp of the Canadian game very soon.

I'm sure Printers will get more freedom to wing it at times as thats the kind of player he is.

I hope so!!!

Drexl: Excellent stuff.
If this signing does not motivate this offence and the coaching staff some more changes will be needed before next season. This season may still be lost but what a great opportunity now to keep the fans interested for the rest of the season and prepare for 2008.

I remember watching Kerry Joseph and Josh Ranek in Ottawa, they ran the option to perfection. I think they ran for over a thousand yards each in two seasons.

Printers and Lumsden should be fun to watch.

this a good combo, get printers or jesse in the open field- ITS OVER!!!, also they should install some running plays for armstead such as end-arounds, reverses, pitches, etc.