Our Running Back position

Does anyone have any idea what the Ticats plans are for Running Back this year and whi you think the front runner us to start.

The Ticats have released last years starter Alex Green and they had signed Justin Stockton from the AAF but he appears to be in limbo as he was not resigned after team realeased 32 players in one day and then signed most of them back.

Stockton would be my front runner if they bring him back.


Cameron Marshall would be the front runner with Ray Lawry behind him.

I doubt we will go with a national as our starting Rb but we do have impressive rookie Maleek Irons and Sean Thomas Erlington.

I would imagine we will sign Stockton back and maybe bring a CFl cut a Tre Mason

I also think the Argos have an abundance of running backs and likely won’t be able to keep them all :

Terrel Sutton
James Wilder
Chris Rainey
Brendan Burks
Mercer TImmis

I think one of Sutton or Wilder will be let go as neither would accept a practice roster spot.
So, we could see on ,of those two in Hamilton.

Marshall will probably start and STE will be the in game backup. By midseason I do think they will end up going Canadian at RB, with Irons backing up STE

Now that Timmis is gone stay tuned for the “why aren’t we using Erlington more”? threads.

Okay , just a few observations here on your questions concerning the Running back position .

I’ll go through them one at a time .

#1Stockton would be my front runner if they brought him back .

Just wondering about your fascination with this guy and why you would consider him a front runner ? I just took a look at his stats in the AAF and while they were ok there certainly isn’t anything there that would be deemed earth shattering or worthy of 1rst string status .

Justin Stockton AAF stats Arizona Hotshots

gp 8 /

43 carries / 233 yds / 5.4 yd avg / 1 td .

6 receptions / 28 yds / 4.6 yd avg / 0 td

Take a look for yourself :

#2I would imagine we will sign Stockton back and maybe bring a CFL cut a Tre Mason .

Stockton , see above . As for Tre Mason ? He blew out his knee in the last game of the season last year and had to have ACL surgery done so he is basically finished for the upcoming season . Not much sense in bringing in a guy who isn’t going to see the field anytime soon if at all in 2019 .

#3The Argos have an abundance of running backs . I think that Wilder and Sutton will be let go .We could see one of them in Hamilton .

Honestly can’t see them releasing Wilder . He is one of the few name faces on that team and probably one of their most popular and familiar players on a team that has very few of them .

As for Sutton ? Why would we bring in a player who is actually older and with more mileage on his treads than the one we just released ? Sutton is 32 yrs old heading into T . Camp this year so why would we replace a 31 yr old Green with a 32 yr old Sutton ? Doesn’t make much sense to me . You were right though the Argos do have an abundance of R.Backs but like I said above I can’t see Wilder being one of the ones that might be released and winding up here sporting Black ‘n’ Gold this season .

I miss Mercer Timmis. The great hope from Hamilton. Jesse’s time was cut way too short. There’s nothing like cheering for a successful Canadian RB on your team in my opinion. Oh well, hope the Argos use him wisely…and he’s give more that just a chance.

Hi Bobo,

My bad on Tre Mason as I did not realize he was injured.

I feel the cats didn’t cut Alex Green only because of his age at 31. Terrel Sutton is in great shape and played well for BC last year and Jim Popp is very high on hin from his days in Montreal. I think the Argos will go with:
Sutton and Burks at rb and Wilder won’t stick around if he is not the starter and he would not accept a practice roster spot.
So , the cats might give him a shot.

As for Stockton, he had a great career at Texas Tech and a fairly average year in the AAF but he did not get that many carries and a 5.4 yards per carry is not that bad.
If you see the film on him on youtube from Texas Tech you might like what you see.

Why go into camp looking for an old retread for your RB?
And is this the one year plan or 2 year plan?

Lots of great RB options available out there, just need to find one. Of all positions on the CFL field the RB is the easiest to plug and play.

Not sure what kind of $$$ Timmis was asking but I wish we kept him. A great National RB IMO.
6’2" 220 lbs 25 years old and a local Burlington kid. Fast and strong and showed great potential, was an ideal change of pace option to Erlington and a great short yardage/goal line option. He sure fell out of favor from June Jones quickly.

RB Malek Irons the teams 3rd round draft selection is probably going to be signed and part of the team.

Kalinic the teams 2nd round selection has been described as a CO Prime type so not sure if he will be converted from Slotback to Fullback or not.

Maleek Irons looks to be pretty good from his Highlight reel. I hope he gets a chance along with STE. Would be nice to go with a National duo at that position.

June Jones has left the team for the XFL. I would have kept Timmis.

Hopefully this time Condell actually has a running game instead of just using the RB as a pass blocker.

Since Condell was sitting in the O meetings last year, he should be smart enough to know that the Offence wasn’t broken and therefore doesn’t need to be fixed this year . :frowning:

Pat Lynch (the ancient one)

That’s true but things like ego get in the way. I doubt Condell will be overly enthused about flipping through the Jones playbook while his own collects dust.

When did he start “sitting in the O meetings”? He finished 2018 with the Toronto, was talked about in the press as a potential successor after Trestman was fired, and didn’t officially re-join the Cats until January of this year. I’m sure he was apprised of what Jones had planned for our offense this year, but that’s not the same as “sitting in the O meetings last year.”

I think it was the Ottawa staff who sat in on our coaching sessions in the lead-up to the Eastern Final.

Yes. I had mercifully forgotten that.